Tuesday, April 03, 2007

michaela update

{ PIC TO COME }I had a great time on my Residential trip! We were busy all of the time. We went caving, quad riding, and ab sailing. We played aeroball, had a scrap heap challenge, and had a great time in our rooms being silly!! We had lessons on the beach---it was sooooooooooo cold ------ and we had GREAT food {which is surprising since it was British food:) } I was very glad to get back home to my Mum and Dad and Emma. Mum says I am a 'home-body'. I am on Easter break for the next two weeks. We do not have too much planned as Mum is babysitting four children who also go to British school for the next two weeks. Yesterday Mum rented out the Community center and set up our bouncy castle for us and several friends. I have a sleepover with the girls from church Thursday night and of course Easter stuff this weekend. I am just enjoying the time out of school!!!! I am off to play outside before it starts to rain. See you later. Mac

Monday, April 02, 2007

just call me Grace--ful

Well, since the most the police have to do on the base is occasionally herd wandering lambs, I decided to cause some excitement last Thursday!!! While walking around the perimeter road with two little girls I am babysitting during Spring break, I fell and hit my head. More accurately--one of the little girls and I were skipping...she tripped and fell...and took me down!!! Because I was holding her hand, I could not break my fall and I landed on my forehead and nose. My forehead swelled up the size of a racquetball and my nose was bleeding and also very swollen. Stephen was on duty, so he saw me on the ground and came to my rescue!!!! The fire department came with lights and sirens---much to my embarrassment. I got to ride in the fire truck to the med center--OH BOY!!! I was released and given a lolly by the fireman:) I am fine. The picture does not do justice to the swelling and purple of my first---and hopefully last ----shiners!!!