Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the official word

Steve just received the decision as to what our future holds!

He will be on orders at RAF Alconbury for 60 day-beginning on the 5th--and then will be put back on orders at RAF Croughton in April. We are not sure the reasoning as to jumping through all these hoops to get around a regulation instead of just issuing a waiver, but its the military way!!!!

Thank you for all who prayed for us during this time of indecision and worry.

michaela is devastated

Michelle, from Kentucky, emailed us yesterday to let us know that the Olive Garden in Florence is closed for remodeling. We went online and found out that it is being completely torn down and rebuilt.
It will be closed until September!!! {Just in time for our return}.
Michaela was so looking forward to stopping there on our way from the airport!!!! I guess she will have to wait until Saturday--she has already mapped where the closest one is! I am not sure what the second restaurant is on her list, but I am sure we will be there as soon as we leave CVG!!

*** Wasn't it great to be young and for the biggest worry you had was that your favorite restaurant was closed for a few months and where you will have to eat instead!!!!:):):)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

americans go home

This is what met me as I went onto the base to do laundry this afternoon.

Once a month or so, the Quakers set up in front of the base gates to protest our presence in their country. I believe it is more the military presence rather than the American presence--at least I like to think it is!!!! The sign used to say, "Quaker prayer meeting for peace." It now just says, "Quaker meeting for worship."

They are peaceful but nonetheless it is unnerving to turn into the base and see a group of people who are praying for us to leave!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the update...correct as of this moment

Okay. so the information we were given last night (we have to wait for USA work hours to get any info.) is that Steve cannot go off orders and come back on to get around the 1095 regulation. They are still working on the waiver--this make take a few days to find out an answer--no need to mention Steve is supposed to be off orders in 6 days now!!!! If the waiver does not come through, he can go on orders at RAF Alconbury (a base about an hour away) until September 30. You are probably saying, "Well, that makes no sense!" Don't worry we have said the same thing. But it is the government and it is not for us to question the thought process.

So I guess this means--as of12:40pm British time, that we will be here until September. Stephen will either be working at Croughton still or making the hour commute to RAF Alconbury.


We will let you know as soon as we know.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

a pet or something that belongs in a trap????

On Friday, Michaela spent the night at her friend Thu's house. At 9:00pm, we received a phone call from Thu and Michaela begging us to let her have a dwarf hamster. After telling them NO--very emphatically, that hamsters were nothing more than rats, I received the following emails.


PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Let Michaela have a dwarf hamster. If she doesn't stay I will keep it for myself but if she does can she please!!!!!!!!!! keep one because they are absolutly ADORABLE!!!!(as u see in the pictures!) if you do let her get one she will promise me that she won't ever ever let you see the cute thing. She will buy all the supplies for the thingy mejig! PLEASE!!!!I'll make sure she'll do extra chores (mwahaha) to earn more money. When the hamster arrives you would be the most awesome person in the world. I'll make sure she begs on her knees when she comes home too ^_^ PLEASE you know you can't resist the adorable little thing!from THU!!!!!!!!!!

P.S pppppppppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!she'll be extra good!PLease!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


=( How long till you have to leave!!!!!!!If you stay can she have one and I will help look after hers as I'm not aloud one if I'm going too get a dog so its one or the other. I'll help with the supplies too and michaela(hopefully) will agree to be your slave for a whole week! Did you see those pictures they were adorable!!!!!!!!!!


p.s btw you are not the greatest mum yet!!!(not until she gets a hamster!)


RE: thu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!(not a ugly fat rat!)‏
From:Thu Ta (lil_thu_qt@hotmail.com)
Sent:Sat 1/19/08 9:13 AM
To: Stephen Martin (


These emails have not swayed my decision!! It is still a furry RAT!

will the parachute open???

Today at church services we told the members about our situation. One of the members, Susan, stated that our life with the Air Force has been like we have been trapped in a whirlwind. {There have been too many times of the Air Force causing upheaval in our lives--it would take pages to list} I thought about that for awhile and decided that our three years with the Air Force have been more like a jump from a plane. We have been falling with the Air Force as our parachute and many times it has not wanted to open due to AF regulations and government stupidity. Luckily, the chute has always opened at the last second--- just before we smack into the ground. Let's hope that this fall will have a smooth landing:):):):)
**** Please don't get me wrong. I am very thankful that we have had the three years that we have had. The Air Force has been a God-send for us since Steve lost his job. It has allowed us to have once in a life time adventures, to pay off bills and to save money. I am not being negative or ungrateful--just slightly stressed about have 9 more days to figure out the next stage of our lives--8 months earlier than originally planned. It also doesn't help to be told by the individual in Texas that of the over 500 National Guardsmen that this regulation affects, Steve is only one of two people whose finance departments have tried to enforce it! I am glad we can be here to fight the battle!!
I have given it to God--or at least I am trying to.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

prayer request

At 4pm on Thursday, Stephen received an email from the finance office in Springfield informing him that due to an Air Force regulation his orders would be ending on January 31st. This means that we no longer have an income, Steve has to be back in Ohio by the 31st, we have to store our antiques because 14 days is not enough time to arrange a moving company, figure out what to do with our two cars, and did I mention we no longer have an income, etc... There are many people trying to overrule the regulation, but as of today we have no idea as to what is going to be decided.

We are asking that you pray that what is best for our family will be done. {Of course I think what is best is that we stay until September:)}

We will keep you informed as to the decision.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

got milk????

Did you know that there are still milkmen that deliver milk to your house? Last week I was researching the company on the Internet and decided to have our milk delivered to our door while we lived off of the base. So this morning, when we woke up, we opened the front door and there they were--5 glass bottles of milk!! Every Tuesday and Saturday we will have milk on our doorstep.

Who would have thought that in 2008 there were still milkmen!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

emma's family portrait

Emma Shea was writing on her easel the other day and drew her family.
Notice the knees on all of us!
AND .....there is no Michaela????? I asked her why Michaela was not in the picture and she said, "Because she annoys me." She did eventually add her--flying above all of us.

what is that bright light in the sky.....

Oh, it's the sun!!!!!!

Look at the beautiful blue sky.
This morning when we woke up, the house was flooded with light. At first I thought someone had left lights on, but then I realized the sun was actually shining and the sky was blue!! It has been some time since we have seen anything but rain and grey skies--so it was a welcome treat.
Blue sky+45 degree weather= NO COATS!
*****Of course, as I type this up, it has dropped 15 degrees and is raining again:):):)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

no snow!!!

As you can see, there are no snow pictures! It snowed for maybe 10 minutes and then rained for 2 days. Oh well, maybe we will get snow some time this winter.

I am sitting in a quiet house for the first time in three weeks!! I have been babysitting children for the three weeks of Christmas break (I had 8 kids yesterday--makes me glad I only had two children.

Michaela and Emma started back to school yesterday and the private school kids went back today! Today it is just Jaedon and I--he is 9 months old and sleeps for three hours in the morning!!! I feel lost without kids calling my name all day! ALMOST!!

As you can see from Michaela's countdown, we are coming back to Kentucky for a quick visit. We fly in on Friday, February 22 and will be flying back home on March 4. Michaela is compiling her list of activities. She is very excited that we land early enough to eat at Olive Garden. I just hope she can get everything in she wants to do!!!!

I had planned on leaving Emma here with Steve and having friends help with her while Steve works, but she wanted nothing to do with that--she wants to play with her toys in the states. Not to mention, Steve says I would never get on the plane without her--so she is getting another trip to Kentucky. Hopefully the weather isn't too 'wintery'

The girls are doing great. Not too much happening right now. Ballet classes start back this week so they will be busy learning their dances for the performance in April. They are just enjoying playing with each other and friends.

I will go through pictures and find some to upload soon.

Have a great week.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

let it snow!

All we have heard for two days is that the snow is on its way--4 to 6 inches. This amount of snow is unheard of in this part if the UK. The kids are excited and talking about snowball fights, snowmen, and sledding. Maybe by tomorrow I will be posting SNOW DAY pictures!!!!

***As I was just about to click on PUBLISH POST, Stephen called and said it was snowing very hard at the base--5 miles up the road. Emma is now watching out the window to see the snow start here.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year

We hope everyone's new year is one filled with happiness and fun.