Tuesday, November 23, 2010

on the eve of thanksgiving eve ....

Today was a extremely long day for me. I woke up at 4:30am and left the house at 5:10. I made it to work with a few minutes to spare. 12 hours later I walked out of the Humana building, exhausted and worn out! The 4 block walk to the parking lot was endless and the drive home felt like it would never end. Walking through the front door, sitting in the big comfy couch, and talking to the girls (and Steve) was all I wanted to do.

But my family had other plans for me!!! As I opened the door, I was welcomed by the smells of dinner cooking. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole had all been prepared by Steve and the girls this afternoon. What a great 'Welcome Home.'

Now Steve is on his way to work, Mac is cleaning the kitchen, Emma is taking a shower, and I am sitting with my feet propped up...counting my blessings!
we just replaced an ugly brass and glass fixture,
the new one definitely needs to be raised

I am so thankful for my family!

Monday, November 22, 2010


I cannot believe I forgot to post about Emma's award from school! I always remember to write about the embarrassing things, and yet forgot to take the time to brag on my little girl when I had the chance! Bad, bad Mommy!

Each month at Locust Grove, children are honored during announcements and presented a certificate at an assembly for accomplishments in various categories. Two weeks ago Emma Shea was honored for her poem about moving. She was declared the 'winner' for the 2nd grade writing category. YAY EMMA!!!!

**Below is the poem she wrote completely by herself. Ms.
V told me that Emma would pull it out every day for several weeks and add to it; trying to incorporate the literary devices they had worked on in class. She began the assignment the week after we moved away from Northern Kentucky. For weeks, she begged and begged to move back to our old house. This poem reflects the heart break she was feeling being separated from 'what she knew' and the acceptance of her new situation.


Shattering in my tears

When we went to the new house.

The new house was cold and dark

Like the woods

Thinking on the floor
that we could never be sadder.

Why did we have to go

My backyard is big

I'm missing my old school

I'm missing my friends.

Liking my new house now

Liking my new school now
Liking my new backyard now

Liking my new room now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

friday frivolity....

Having not worked a full~time job in over 7 years..

I had forgotten how important week~ends were.

It didn't take long to remember the relief...

that a clock striking 4:30 on a Friday can bring.

And the dread surrounding setting the alarm on Sunday night!

Retirement...Sweet Retirement.
Well from what they keep saying at H....., this is my last week end of freedom.

Annual enrollment for Medicare started on the 15th...

and therefore, mandatory overtime has begun....

and over the next 2 months, I will be seeing more of my co-workers than my family!

I have already said my good byes and asked them to please not forget me...

or replace me with a better model.
Last week I asked Steve if he wanted to hire someone to paint Mac's room...

of course, since he loves painting so much, it took him a half of a millisecond to say yes!

Steve, the painter, came and primed the lovely paneling tonight...

and he has just left.

he will be back tomorrow to paint the Teal Zeal onto the walls...

but Steve doesn't know what time!

Um...it is my last Saturday of not working for weeks...

I do not want to see the morning hours.

I sure hope that doorbell doesn't ring at 8:00.

Because I would hate to have to wake up...

errr....well roll over...

to nudge Steve out of bed.
Not too much has happened this week...

work for Steve and I...

school for the girls.

Next week looks like more of the same.

with a trip to Alabama to break up the monotony...

and of course the IRON BOWL on Friday!

I wonder if we will cheer for the Tide with 5/6th of the Hunters

or with the blue and orange with the rebellious 1/6th of the family:)

Shhh...we will be cheering for the Crimson Tide ...

because we need a place to stay while we are there!
I am off to bed...

sleep has been calling me for a while...

and I think I am going to answer him now!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

girls stripping...

wallpaper... girls stripping WALLPAPER!

you didn't think I would actually have a post about strippers did you???!!!

The house we are 'trying out' to see if we want to buy in the future was built in the late 80s. It is a good house, but it is really stuck in a time warp. There are things that MUST be changed if I am going to live here~~~even if we decide not to buy it.

Exposure to U.G.L.Y. has to be limited.

Exhibit #1:

This hideous mauve and green wallpaper covers the walls of the master bathroom...and even the walk-in closet! A decorator's failure I do believe.

What made the concept even more of an eyesore ... the mauve blinds in the bathroom bay window and the matching curtains left in the master bedroom.


Thankfully, these beautiful girls spent their Sunday afternoon stripping the U.G.L.Y off of the walls.
And they had a great time...

except for the 'smelling like vinegar' part!!

I am just tickled pink mauve that my bathroom has taken a step closer to this century!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last week we surprised Emma with a trampoline.

Late afternoon on Saturday, we hooked up the trailer and headed out to pick it up from Ms. Robin's yard.

A few hours later we arrived home (because we had to stop and eat at OG before picking it up). Although it was pitch black outside, the girls wanted to set it up. So we found the perfect spot and while the girls came in to bundle up (because it was almost 50 and 'freezing'), Steve began unloading the pieces.

Emma could not find the winter hat she was looking for, but she found her scarf so I wrapped her up in it. About the same time I offered her a chef's hat to wear (because it is a little too big and would cover her ears), she found a sun hat and put it on her head. Real purty!!!

When she saw the chef's hat, she looked at me appalled!
"MOM!!! I can't wear that. That would look silly!"
Oh, and this doesn't??!!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

parenting--part 2...

A few months ago, Michaela was told by a young man that I "make all of her decisions for her" and that I "control her." Of course my first reaction was to laugh and to think that if I truly did control her and make her decisions I would certainly have a lot less to worry about. And if I was a "puppet master" for my children, parenting would definitely be so much easier! But the comment made me look at myself as a parent and consider my role in my children's lives.

My conclusion...parenting is hard...sometimes I hate it...and I question my decisions often.

But I also realized that raising happy, well balanced children requires being successful...in two concepts that are complete polar opposites of one another.

First, as parents, we make decisions for our children. We teach and we discipline so that we can instill family values, ground our children in faith, and create stability and security in their lives. We spend years creating a home that represents safety. Family is where we teach our children to seek comfort. We spend years making choices that will ground our children in an assurance of their worth and value. Our unconditional love is the basis for forming strong roots.

Then, as soon as the roots have taken hold, we take a step back and we begin preening their wings so that they can take flight and begin a life separate from us. And letting go is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

Taking a step (or 20) back and allowing Michaela to make her own choices, her own mistakes 'hurts my heart'. Often I (choose to) forget that she is a young adult and that she has to make her own choices, whether I agree with them or not. I want to alleviate the hurt and heartache that are inevitable as she matures and makes more of her own life choices. I want to keep her in the safety of my heart so that she does not look back on her life and say, "If only I had/hadn't.....". I want to continue strengthening the roots because that is simpler---for me. But I know that controlling all of Mac's choices is not what is best for her. I realize that one day (all too soon), she will drive away and begin creating her own home. So, as her parent, I must continue to guide her and make choices for her~~that is my responsibility~~but I also must remember to step back and allow her to make more of her own decisions~~~and to be there to support her... in the joy or in the sorrow of her choices.

Boy!!! Letting go is heartwrenching.

Success as a parent comes when we recognize that the roots we have been nurturing are stable and that we realize when it is time to step back and do what is necessary to strengthen the wings. We must know that if we have done our best, although they have flown away, their roots are strong and well grounded within our hearts and homes.

Man, why didn't anyone tell us parenting was so hard!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I originally posted this in June, but due to 'life' I never finished the second part. So I am re-posting this and posting the 2nd part tomorrow.
Over the last several months, I have had various conversations with friends about parenting. We have talked about the joys our children have brought us and also about what our lives would be like if we had not taken on the role of parent (more time, more money, less stress, less love). These conversations, along with comments recently made to Michaela, have had me thinking about myself as a parent~~~ a lot. And after much self evaluation, I have come to a conclusion.

Sometimes....I hate being a parent!

And while I do not enjoy the bickering and arguing or the attitude and disdain, the dislike does not stem from these behaviors. My feelings of disdain comes from the magnitude of responsibility that raising children entails! We, as parents, have been entrusted with the nurturing, educating, disciplining, and spiritual and emotional well~being of these little souls. We, as mommy and daddy, are responsible for forming their knowledge base and value system from infancy! We, as mom and dad, create the foundation for what they will make of themselves as the grow and mature!

And...the responsibility is frightening!

Doubt, second guessing, and regret often follow decisions. Discipline often ends with "What ifs." and "I shouldn't haves." We continually question "Am I being too strict?", "Am I pushing too hard?", or "Do I expect too much?" as we make choices or give encouragement. Our task as parents is daunting. The ramifications of our choices, whether good or bad, will shape and mold the character of our children for the rest of their lives.

And that...is overwhelming!

Several months ago, Michaela was told that I......