Thursday, November 18, 2010

girls stripping...

wallpaper... girls stripping WALLPAPER!

you didn't think I would actually have a post about strippers did you???!!!

The house we are 'trying out' to see if we want to buy in the future was built in the late 80s. It is a good house, but it is really stuck in a time warp. There are things that MUST be changed if I am going to live here~~~even if we decide not to buy it.

Exposure to U.G.L.Y. has to be limited.

Exhibit #1:

This hideous mauve and green wallpaper covers the walls of the master bathroom...and even the walk-in closet! A decorator's failure I do believe.

What made the concept even more of an eyesore ... the mauve blinds in the bathroom bay window and the matching curtains left in the master bedroom.


Thankfully, these beautiful girls spent their Sunday afternoon stripping the U.G.L.Y off of the walls.
And they had a great time...

except for the 'smelling like vinegar' part!!

I am just tickled pink mauve that my bathroom has taken a step closer to this century!!