Sunday, July 22, 2007

last dance

leaving barbeque

michaela's class presentation

The two Year 6 classes had their leaving presentation this last week of school. The play was based on British shows. There were spoofs on Supernanny (Michaela's part), X Factor (Our American Idol), Mr. Fix It... It was quite humorous. I had planned to video tape the play, but unfortunately my camera is here and the charger is in Kentucky!

pizza party

On Tuesday, Steve and I treated the two Year 6 classes to pizza, crisps, and ice cream cake. 16 large pizzas, 100 bags of crisps, and 3 ice cream cakes were devoured by the 57 students, teachers, and head mistress in record time. They LOVED all the American food!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

rain rain go away....

There's nothing better than a pair of Wellies and a puddle--this one was not as deep as she would have liked, but it was still some good splashing!!!

But with the rain comes the rainbow!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the last week of school!!!!!!

This is the girls last week of school. YEAH!!!
Michaela is very busy with Year 6 presentations, special lunches, leaving barbecue,...
Emma is wanting to stay home and play with the various kids I am babysitting this summer, but she goes to Nursery--usually happily.

I will have loads of pics to share on Friday. I just needed to update so the Fourth of July was not the most recent posting:)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

another 4th of july in the UK

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration.

We had a fantastic day here. The weather was off and on all day--thunder and lightening, torrential downpours and then sun. So we had a great time doing what we could do when it was dry and then hiding under the pavilion when the sky let loose.

We played lots of games--the three-legged race (which George and I almost won), spoon and egg relay (I actually won that once, tug of war, and the balloon toss (which George and I won TWICE!!!).

Michaela and three of her friends left school at noon to come to the celebration.
They had a great time riding the bull and "fighting" on the podiums (I am not sure what it is called). They also rode the kiddy rides.

Emma had a great time seeing her friends and riding the rides. She got her face painted--AND SHE CHOSE SPIDERMAN. My little girl who wants to wear a dress and 'clickety-clack' shoes everyday chose spiderman. She made it until about 10:45pm and Steve had to take her home to put her to bed.

If any of you are following Wimbledon, you know what crazy weather England--actually all of the UK--is having this year. We are wet and COLD. The weathermen are actually saying we are not having a summer this year. WE wear long sleeves and have had the heat on a few nights lately. I am quite happy with the cold--better than 90* and humidity:)

Fireworks were great, but it was funny seeing everyone in coats or wrapped up in heavy blankets--It is July isn't it???

We also had a special celebration to honor the men and women who have just returned to the base from Iraq. In your prayers please remember the 16 Security Forces who are still over there from this base and the spouses and children we see every day trying to maintain some normalcy as they wait for their loved ones to come back home.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

happy 4th of july

I know it is really the 3rd, but we are having our celebration and fireworks today--so that everyone who has tomorrow off can enjoy it with their families. Mommy will add more later when Michaela and her friends get here from school (they are getting out early to come to the celebration, so they are all very happy!!!)

Oh, did you notice my hair has been cut!! Let me tell you I was NOT happy!! Mommy cut it the other day and I voiced my disgust the entire time. I kept telling her I wanted long hair, but she says I look better with short--so you can see who won that battle.