Wednesday, March 26, 2008

there was an old lady who lived in a shoe....

What do you do when you have 9 children to entertain for the day (actually they will all be here for three weeks for Easter Break!!!!)
Jaedon (1 yr old) is taking a nap so he is not in the pic.

You bring out the bin of dress up clothes and the dollhouse. ANd of course take pictures

Emma-4 Sarah,7 Anna , 5


You call your husband who is working and allow him to enjoy the fun that 9 children bring!! (and be thankful that we stopped with 2!!)


Michael-7 Alex-4 Mason-3

And then when it is lunchtime, you lay a mat down in the living room, put Dora in the DVD player, pass out everyone's lunches, and you sit down with the computer and enjoy the brief moment of quiet...or at least semi-quiet!!!

Only 2 1/2 more weeks to go!!!!!! (With a few more children here and there!!)

our new friend

Our new friend Anna came over on Monday to spend a few hours with us. Anna is 5 and a big ham!!! Her Mommy and Daddy just returned from a three month process in Armenia and D.C. and are settling back into daily life. Anna speaks very little English, but is learning something new everyday. I am sure she will blossom as soon as she begins Nursery at Beachbourough after Easter break!!
Three things she has definitely taken to are candy, Van Morrison's song, 'BROWN EYED GIRL', and vacuuming!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

Can you make up a scenario for these Spring?????? pictures!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

royalty in the house!!!

Today we were honored with a visit from Princess Emma Shea and Princess Nahla. We were so blessed to have such prim and proper-ness in our presence.

a girl's night out

Princess Aurora

On Monday, Michaela and I headed to London to see the Royal Ballet perform The Sleeping Beauty. The performance was incredible and Michaela was in awe--I think she has an understanding of the importance of daily practice and stretching now!!!!

i love to use scissors

Emma is becoming very 'crafty'--as in liking to do crafts, not sneaky:) Her new favorite thing to do is to draw shapes and cut them out!.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

a great time with friends

Hard to believe Michaela is 9 days older!!!

Our trip to Alabama was great as it always is. We enjoyed visiting with Ms. Renea and the kids. Rachel and Michaela had a good time being goofy pre-teens together and Carley and Emma played fabulously together. It was a good visit that had to end too quickly.

Getting ready for the fashion show!!!

we are home

We made it back with little adventure--but you know with us there has to be some!!!

The flight from London to Detroit was uneventful--smooth flying the entire way. We made our connecting flight and then waited. We sat on the flight line for quite awhile, but we were finally able to take off. Halfway into the flight the pilot comes on and says we are having to turn around and fly back to Detroit (we only had 25 minutes to go until we arrived at CVG!!!) We flew back, loaded onto another plane and then headed to Cincinnati. Two hours later than expected we landed!

Michaela had planned on stopping at a restaurant once we landed. Since it was about 4am our time (UK), we headed straight to the house. The girls looked around and then crashed. Saturday we woke up late, went to BP to fill up with petrol(that was ugly!!!), ate at Skyline, and then went to Target for a few things. The next stop was Hannah's house. ***Oh yeah, I drove through the sub-division and all the way down Hicks Pike on the left side of the road and could not figure out why the idiot in the white truck would not get over--I became aware quickly!!!!!!
Hannah and Michaela squealed and hugged when they saw one another--you would think it had been 2 years since they had seen one another!!! We stayed and visited with Kim and the kids and ate Chipotle with them. Oh yeah, did I mention there was snow everywhere, so of course there was sledding. The kids stayed out for hours sledding down the hill. Emma and I left and went back to the house--Michaela of course spent the night!!

The rest of the week was filled with various activities--Bunco at the Rice's, ladies class at Debbie Curtis', lunch with Marvin and Sheila, dinner with Logan and Elizabeth, Don Pablo's with Kathy, Hayden, and Brianna, Sunday night dinner with the Spargos, McCamerons, and Beckleys, a sleep-over with Hannah and Abi Beckley, breakfast with Simona and the kids, and of course a trip to Alabama!!! The girls also ate lunch with Steve's parents on Sunday and went skating with Hannah, Lucas, and LeeAnn on Monday evening. This was in addition to the eating out and shopping the girls and I did together.

Welcome to Alabama--see the sunshine!!!

The flight home was scary--the trip from CVG to Detroit was AWFUL--thought we were plummeting to our death a few times due to the turbulence. We finally arrived in Detroit, ran to our connecting flight, made it as they were beginning to board, and then sat on the plane for TWO hours due to the snow and ice that was coming down!!! The plane was de-iced once and because of the amount of snow coming down, it had to be de-iced again before we could leave the gate. The flight was smooth once we got up, the girls slept, and we landed at Gatwick--very glad to be home.

Of course, what would a trip through Customs be without being detained!! We were only held for 20 minutes or so, given another 6 month stamp, and allowed to pick up our luggage and go see Steve!!!!

I believe we are all back on England time--Emma went to dance class last night, Michaela
went to school this morning and dance class tonight, and Nayla came this morning (her mom just started a new job and I will be babysitting her until they get at spot at the CDC). We are back to life as we know it!!!!