Tuesday, August 22, 2017

from bathroom to mudroom, from bottom to top

In order to be able to access the new mudroom, an exterior door had to be added, the window was moved and replaced so it was centered, a closet was framed in where the stand up shower used to be...

The original heart pine flooring (that had been pulled up from the area of the new bathroom) was hung on the ceiling...and a new light wired and hung...

This is area where the current Master bath was built. The flooring was pulled up so that plumbing could be run and tile laid. We used this flooring for the mudroom ceiling.

This is the night we found out that SUBFLOORNG was not part of the building process in the 1930s!! There is nothing quite like being able to look under your house...and for all that is under your house to have easy access in:(

Tile was laid--of course in a more complicated chevron pattern because Steve would be shocked if I wanted anything simple :D

Monday, August 21, 2017

Now we're getting somewhere

It has been a long 3 years since we signed the mortgage papers and became the owners of a 83 year old farmhouse. The range of emotions has been endless, and there have been times I was not sure our marriage was going to survive the ordeal. But thankfully we are nearing the end of the major projects, and Steve is still married...and alive!

When the house was built in 1931, there was no inside bathroom. As was done so often, when a bathroom was added, it was added to an area off the kitchen. And while I understand the plumbing reasoning, having my bathroom attached to my kitchen was not going to work. I agreed to buy the house, but with the stipulation that the bathroom would be relocated as soon as we moved in!!  Thus began the never~ending house renovation.

The bathroom was one of the worst bathrooms EVER!
It measured 6ft x 7.5ft and was crammed full of a bathtub, sink, toilet, and stand up shower.
* The space between the sink and bathtub was barely 12 inches
* The stand up shower was not big enough to move in--couldn't even raise your arm all the way up to shave your pits:)
* The bathtub tile had mold behind it--and  
oozing out ( I know you are coveting the beauty we had!!!)
* The floor was textured linoleum that was horrible to keep clean
* It was U.G.L.Y personified!!!!

So..what do you do with a bathroom off the kitchen? You make it into a mudroom of course!

STEP 1: --after the first 50 steps to get it ready--

We took the original wood siding that had been pulled off the exterior, and hung it on one of the interior walls. We even used the piece of siding with the original meter number.