Tuesday, March 31, 2009

be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life...

I received a call Saturday afternoon letting me know that my friend's father had passed away.

Tomorrow she and her family will bury him.

When she sat her 5 year old daughters down to tell them that their grandpa had died~~knowing that there innocent hearts could not comprehend the 'reality' of his death~~ one of them looked at her and said, "He is in a better place. He gets to live with God"

What a blessing to be pure of heart..

to be as innocent as a child...

to be able to see the blessing in the death of a faithful Christian.

As adults, we are overcome with sadness~~for ourselves.

We grieve OUR loss.

We fill in the emptiness left by the absence of our loved one with tears and sorrow.

But the reward for a faithful follower of God's word is glorious.

Psalm 116:15 shows us that death is PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD.
Death means that one of His children has come home.

Those that have died are REMOVED FROM EVIL AND ARE AT PEACE

Those we have lost are BEING CARRIED AWAY BY ANGELS TO BLISS {Luke 16:22}

The ones we grieve for are GOING AWAY TO PARADISE {Luke 23:43}

Those that are taken from us in death, "GAIN" SOMETHING FAR BETTER THAN LIVING {Philp.1:21}

Those we must say goodbye to have gone TO BE WITH CHRIST; ARE AT HOME WITH THE LORD

Those that have 'fought the good fight' here on earth have A BLESSED REST FROM THEIR LABORS in death. {Rev. 14:13}

While tears will flow and emptiness be felt by Mr. Hendrick's loved ones, comfort can be found in the words of his granddaughter,

"He gets to live with God!"

Monday, March 30, 2009



I finished one of my online classes last week.

I had planned to complete all of my work for Medical Terminology by tomorrow afternoon so I could focus on studying for my Math final for the rest of the week.

I was pluggin' along...

Completed and submitted one quiz about the Muscular system...

Tried to submit Quiz #2....

and I received an error message when I hit submit!!

Of course the call center closed an hour ago.

I sent an email to the 24 hour help line...

They will get back to me in one business day.

{if it's available 24 hours, shouldn't I be able to get quicker response?}

That is very helpful!

So I guess it is off to bed!

And my study schedule will have to be adjusted.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

is this really necessary?

For 10 years, Dora has entertained and educated preschoolers with her explorations and adventures.
As of this fall, she will become a 10 year old middle~schooler living in the big city.
Mattel felt that “Girls really identify with Dora and we knew that girls would love to have their friend Dora grow up with them, and experience the new things that they were going through themselves. The brand captures girls’ existing love of Dora and marries it with the fashion doll play and online experiences older girls enjoy.”
Why couldn't Dora just stay Dora~exploring with Boots, helping her friends, and staying safe from Swiper?

Friday, March 27, 2009

friday frivolity...

Renea called...

Greg received his biopsy report...




Praise God!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

the golden rule...

He'll get what's coming to him."

'What goes around comes around'

'Tit for tat'

'You get what you give.'

The list of phrases we use to express the feelings we have for retaliation to be heaped upon the person that has harmed us is endless.

It is human nature to want immediate justice for a wrong done against us. We want the person to 'pay'.

The legal precepts of the Israelites in the Old Testament set forth the standard of swift justice. In Exodus 20, Moses has been given commandments by God and has brought them down the mountain to declare God's decrees to the people. In Exodus 21, God expands on the previous 10 Commandments, giving a framework for judging and solving civil disputes in Israel. Exodus 21:23-25 reads "But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. And in Leviticus 24:19-21 we read "If a man injures his neighbor, just as he has done, so it shall be done to him: 20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; just as he has injured a man, so it shall be inflicted on him. 21 "Thus the one who kills an animal shall make it good, but the one who kills a man shall be put to death.

Swift judgement rendered!

Yet even in the midst of the laws allowing an eye for an eye, God sets forth the standards for loving one another. Leviticus 19:17~18 {within the same context as the verses above} states, You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him. 18 You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.

The law of 'an eye for an eye' was NEVER meant to condone acts of personal retaliation. The law was given to establish a standard for limiting retribution for what was just. To ensure that the punishment fit the crime.

In Matthew 5:38-48 we read, "You have heard that it was said, "AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.' 39 "But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. 40 "If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. 41 "Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.
42 "Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you. 43 "You have heard that it was said, "YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.' 44 "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 "For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 "If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 "Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

The New Testament Christian is to treat others as he would want to be treated. To rejoice with those that rejoice and to weep with those that weep. {Rom.12:15}

God will judge. Vengeance is His.

Thankfully, God is also a God of forgiveness and mercy.

We worship a God that will forgive one who is trying to follow His word and commands, yet stumbles and falls along the path of righteousness when blinded by unloving thoughts of 'Serves you right!"

He will forgive one of His children who rejoices{ with a big smile and a few comments} when she learns that the man that fired her husband was himself fired a few years later!

And because He loves us and knows we will err, He reassures us that~~ Because the Lord your God is a God of mercy, he will not take away his help from you or let destruction overtake you, or be false to the agreement which he made by an oath with your fathers {Deut. 4:31}

Our God is an awesome God!


After looking over the spelling in my header numerous times, I saw none, so I saved it and added it to my blog.

Of course, now that it is 1:30 am, I see a misspelled word!!

I will fix it later~~after some sleep!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

I have no picture for my words today!
My heart is so full for a little baby boy I have never met, but for whom many have been praying for since before he was born. He is fighting for his life as I type this~~he just went into prolonged V-tach.
And I know that God's Will will be done, yet the pain I can only imagine that his parents are going through, lies heavy on my heart.
My heart is aching for my friend Shelly whose father is being moved to Hospice as I type this. That is a pain I know and I send up prayers of comfort for her and her entire family.
And there is uncertainty and worry for my dear friend Renea whose husband is going in for his thyroid biopsy later today . The peace that passeth ALL understanding is being prayed for.
No picture would suffice for the sadness I am feeling.
If you are so inclined, please pray.

Monday, March 23, 2009

not me! monday...

There is no Not Me! Monday today.
MckMama is at the hospital with her baby why he fights for his life.
Please pray!
mommy duty
lunch with emma
dog out/dog in
blog reading
sadness for stellan
preteen drama
mac to dance
emma drama
mommy frustration
mommy confusion
dogout/dog in
mommy funk
sleep to come...

Friday, March 20, 2009

friday frivolity...

We welcomed the first day of Spring by..... turning on the heat because it is 36* outside and 56* in the house.

You know you are in trouble when you Bible study ends on Wednesday night and you are suddenly surrounded by teenage girls!

And when you see the gleam of hope in their puppy dog eyes you become more worried.

And then somehow, after much talking/coercing/persuasive arguments, you find yourself saying yes to driving 8~~~ E.I.G.H.T.~~ teenage boys and girls to Indianapolis for the monthly teenage devotional.
So instead of having until 10:00pm to complete my final paper for my disaster preparedness class, I have to have it done by 2:00~~~that is why I am blogging at 11:25~~don't want to leave myself too much leeway!!!

I mean, I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't rushing around at the last minute!!
So I will finish (as soon as I start) my paper, pack clothes for Emma (she is spending the night in La Grange because she has no where to sit on the way to Indy) and myself, head to Union at 2:00 to pick up Hannah, swing back by our house to pick up Michaela (who should be off of the bus by then), drive the hour to the Morris'. At the Morris', I will drop off Emma ( who is THRILLED to be spending the night because their oldest daughter is home from college and Emma LOVES Sarah!) and pick up 4 boys and 4 girls who will SQUEEZE into the van~~because YES, it only fits 8 total!! So, I will choose the quiet boy to sit up front with me:):), the other three boys will sit in the middle seats, and the 4 girls will sit in the back row~~~good thing they all like each other:)

Once bags and children are comfortably (ha) in, we will head out for the 2 hour trip to Indianapolis!!!

I will drop all of them off at the Whitsitts' and then head to peace and quiet in Whitestown!!!
Ms. Katrina was not at Bible study on Wednesday so Emma's wobbly tooth is still with us!!

It will definitely be gone on Sunday!!!
Even though I have completely written the paper in my head~~while standing in the shower~~ I guess I had better get busy typing it!

Now if only I remember what I 'wrote', cuz' it was good!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

it's a beautiful thing...

Inside this box is power!

Inside this box is piece of mind!

Inside this box is the answer to a prayer!

Inside this box is the NEW POWER CORD for the laptop!!!

Ordered yesterday afternoon...

Arrived this morning at 9:22!!

Yeah Fujitsu and Fed Ex!!!

Schoolwork here I come!!!!

Big black slobbery goat puppy STAY AWAY!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

Strange picture you say!

I totally agree!

But this is my life today....

You see, our puppy {and i use that term loosely since she is 80 lbs at 6 months} made her mark when she was about 4 months old...

she decided to chew the cord to the laptop...

We have been doing okay with it, but it has gotten REALLY bad in the last few days~~the electrical tape wasn't even helping anymore.

So we have ordered a new one, but we have to wait for it to get here from Fujitsu {none of the stores carry a compatible one~~becasue that would be too easy and convenient}.

This would normally not be a big deal~~~I would just have to give up the internet/blogging for awhile.

I would survive for a day or two!!!

Except this week is the final week for one of my classes.

I have a paper to write and a final to take by Friday.

I had my study schedule all planned out~~~the computer cord doesn't seem to be on the same page as me!

It keeps shorting out and then the battery runs out 15 minutes later.

I have just spent the last 10 minutes twisting the cord at the frayed area~~safe, I know!

It finally smoked, then sparked , and I now have power~~~for now {so of course I am posting before doing schoolwork!!!}

So, if I sit really still, keep the dog from bumping the cord, I might just complete what I had planned to have finished this morning ~~~before Emma wakes up and has to go to dance!!

Aren't pets a treasure and joy!!!

Man's best friend!!!

Makes me wish I was in the picture below~~sitting on the peaceful beach; listening to the waves lap up on to the shore :)


taken by me in Hundstanton, UK

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i need to change my frequency...

I think my family has my every move on radar...

They always seem to know the most inopportune time to need something,

or to want to talk!!

Steve's radar frequency seems to be set for the precise moment I am about to doze off when I am sneaking a nap in the afternoon~~when I have stayed up to late studying watching a movie.

He can have gone all day without a phone call~~hours and hours without calling,

BUT if I start to doze off, his radar must start bleeping and he calls to just say "Hi" or ask an 'important' question.
Michaela's frequency seems alert her whenever I am in the loo.

We can have been sitting in the same room for hours, reading or doing homework, and she can not say a word.

BUT... the moment I step into the bathroom and close the door, she needs help with a math problem or has a question to ask me!
Emma's radar seems to be set to alert her to my actions in MANY different situations.

Bathroom break, phone call, shower,... especially the shower!!!!

It never fails, I leave the room and her radar starts screaming at her and she suddenly needs me to button her, fix her hair, answer a question, any number of arbitrary things.
Even the dog seems to have acquired her own radar frequency for me.

She can be completely content outside in the sun or lying in the living room chewing on a rawhide..

UNTIL I sit down to do homework.

As soon as the books come out or the computer gets turned on, her radar lights up and she begins barking to come in or ringing the bell to go out!
Boy, I think, if I am going to get a second or two by myself, I am going to have to change my frequency~~~and NOT tell my family!!!!

luck of the irish to you...

Happy 'Patricks' Day!!!

Irish Blessings
May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

Now sweetly lies old Ireland
Emerald green beyond the foam,
Awakening sweet memories,
Calling the heart back home.

Ireland, it's the one place on earth
That heaven has kissed
With melody, mirth,
And meadow and mist.
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.

May your heart be warm and happy

With the lilt of Irish laughter

Every day in every way

And forever and ever after.

May the luck of the Irish possess you.
May the devil fly off with your worries.
May God bless you forever and ever.
Bless your little Irish heart-and every other Irish part.

Monday, March 16, 2009

not me! monday...

It's that day of the week again!
Time to:
bear your souls...
tell the world the less than stellar moments of your week.
This weekly tell~all is courtesy of Mckmama
Go on over and check out hundreds of other blogger~confessions.
It is NOT ME! that is having to sit very still while typing because our goat dog chewed the cord to the laptop. IT is NOT ME! that is afraid that if I move, the cord will short out again and I will be without a computer {because the battery is not holding a charge for more than 15 minutes}. I would NEVER use damaged electrical cords! That is dangerous! I would never had tried to fix the exposed, sparking wires with electrical tape. I certainly would have ordered a new cord as soon as I saw the first spark~~2 months ago.
It was NOT my youngest daughter who FINALLY let someone pull her loose tooth~~and by loose I mean flopping around when she talked, hanging on by a thread! It was NOT ME! that let Ms. Katrina pull it out tonight at the potluck because pulling teeth makes my queasy. It is NOT ME! that will be asking Ms. Katrina to pull out the other bottom tooth on Wednesday night. I am the Mommy, of course I can do all things pertaining to MOMMYHOOD!!! I would never pawn of the yucky parts to someone else!
IT is NOT ME! that has had over a month to prepare for the lose of this tooth. It is NOT ME! that did not order the charm for Emma's bracelet for the toothfairy to leave. It is NOT ME! that now has to figure out how to have the toothfairy make another visit and explain not leaving the charm when she picked up the tooth.
It is NOT ME! that regifted {took from Michaela's stack of old books} the Junie B Jones book, Toothless Wonder, for the toothfairy to leave under the pillow tonight. A regifted gift from the toothfairy, NEVER!
It is NOT ME! that just did almost all my NOT MEs! about a tooth!! I certainly have more of a life than that!!!
Can't wait to read your NOT MEs!

Friday, March 13, 2009

friday frivolity...

Happy Friday the 13th!
Well, the sun is shining again.... and it is warming up.

Spring is trying to make its way here!
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to help Michaela with her Math tests!!!
She does the homework and understands it.
And then she BOMBS the test

I am tired of the same conversation every time she brings a test home~~with less than a stellar grade.
If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!
Emma got a new bike this week.

"Can I ride my bike?" are the first words out of her mouth when she gets off the bus!

She is on it until it is time to come in.

She LOVES it.

She has NO desire for us to take the training wheels off though!!!
And yes, I know she should have a helmet~~~she has already reprimanded me for not buying one.
This is JACK! (Emma named him)
He helps her stay safe in our access road!!!
Yesterday was Grandparent's Day/Someone special day for the Kindergartners at school.

The three Kindergarten classes had a musical presentation for the 'special' people in their lives.
Steve took off work and met me up there~~~she was so excited!!!
It was a cute program~~~all about SHAPES!!
After the program we decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch as a celebration for Emma's great job.

I decided to take Michaela out of school to come with us. (it was her lunchtime at school and she has no core classes after lunch~~~in case I need to justify my decision:)

I walked into the office and said I needed to withdraw Michaela for the day.
The lady looked at me strangely and repeated my statement, "You are withdrawing her?"
Yes, she doesn't know I am getting her, so she didn't have a note."

All of of a sudden forms are being handed to me and the secretary leaves to get the guidance counselor??????

I thought this was a little overkill for picking up my daughter early, but ya' never know with bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo!!

As I looked at the top form to begin filling it out, I began to get even more confused:

Reason for withdrawing child? ______________________________

Will you be homeschooling? _________________
Um, WHAT!!! I guess we could call going to OG a field trip?? Or she could do some percentage lessons with the menu?????
And then I 'get it'!

Secretary returns.
"M'am, I am not taking my daughter out of school, just need to get her FOR THE DAY!" She will be back tomorrow!

Oh!! But you said you were withdrawing her."

Yes, for the day!!!

Oh, okay!!! I was wondering why she did not know you were withdrawing her.

Confusion cleared up. Michaela arrives. We leave for OG!!

NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT use the word 'withdraw' in the school office~~~it causes great confusion.
That is ONE BIG BOW!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i sure could have put that to better use....

Do you know what $13.00, $16.00, and $5.00 equal?

Well, besides the obvious answer of $34.00!!

$13.00, $16.00, and $5.00....could have been the cost of 20 gallons of gas (at least at this hour's current price).

$13.00, $16.00, and $5.00 ..... could have been a lunch at Olive Garden for the family.

$13.00, $16.00, and $5.00....could have been 17 large Pepsis from Skyline.

But sadly it was not...

What does $13.00, $16.00, and $5.00 equal ?...

the cost of living on a small military base...

with Ms. Yvette....

who knew everyone.....

and spoiled us...

by allowing us to live in a fantasy land...

where rules were broken and no fees were charged...

$13.00, $16.00, and $5.00 equals....

the amount of money I had to give to Boone County Library...

for the privilege of Emma, Michaela, and myself borrowing books from them again...

because they like to have their books back by the due date...

and not two weeks later!!

Boy!!!! I sure could have put that $34.00 to better use!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

because I am pretty sure THERE are no words for this picture!!
***No tears this week~~~I promise!
When went over to England in 2005, we thought it was going to be for only 6 months. With such a short time to see as much of England and Europe as we could, we traveled ALOT! Steve was working a rotating schedule~~work so many days, have so many days off. {I cannot remember the exact schedule now} While he worked, I planned trips. On his days off we were gone somewhere on an adventure. Needless to say, Michaela (8) and Emma (18 months), had to become fabulous travelers. And as much as we want our children to be awestruck by what they are seeing as they are stuck in a car hour after hour, scenery becomes redundant after awhile~~even if it is in Germany or Italy,.... Things to do to keep the mind occupied while we embarked on our many adventures was crucial for a pleasant experience. The car was packed with books, paper and pencils, and toys. Plenty of activities!! But really, who needs traditional activities? Clearly, NOT EMMA!!

Pringle can on her foot~~driving through The Netherlands
Diaper on her head ~~~driving along the coast to Plymouth
Oh good, some writing~~ Coming home from Lincoln
Head touches~~~somewhere in Europe

We were never sure what we would see when we looked in the back seat!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i am here...been out enjoying the breeze and warmth

And just a tidbit of info:

77* today

55* tomorrow

40*!!!!!!!!!!! by Thursday.

Boy o' boy!!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

my heart is full this week. i will have to take reservations...

This post is to inform everyone that my heart is full this week.

The worry and sadness quota have been met.

There are no more appointments available.

Reservations can be taken for next week.

Please pray:

I received another call from my dear friend, Renea.

Her husband went in today for an MRI~~they found 3? bulging disc.

But they also found a lump on his thyroid.

He will be going in for an ultrasound soon.

Please pray...

because as full as my heart is, Renea's is flowing over.

not me! monday...

Another Monday has rolled around.
Time to spill the beans about what you did NOT do this week.
Head on over to My Charming Kids for more Not Me~s!

It was NOT ME! that upon arriving home from my Math class, went in to kiss Emma good night to see THIS!!!

It was NOT ME! that tried to put Hoof Hands on her nails to keep her from starting up again. It was NOT Emma that woke up and pleaded with me to not put it on her hands. She did NOT tell me she wouldn't do it anymore.


It was NOT ME! that, while adding Angelina Ballerina and Bob the Builder to Emma's Netflix Instant Queue, was recommended Rick and Steve as a show we might like based on our choice of B the B. I was NOT appalled when I read the synopsis: Meet Rick (voiced by Will Matthews) and Steve (Peter Paige), the happiest gay couple in the world....Featuring animation inspired by classic toys. It is NOT ME! that wonders how Netflix gets an interest in an animated show about homosexuals from interest in Bob the Builder, a children's show???

It was NOT ME! that searched HERE for my car keys.......

Only to find them HERE!!

NOPE Didn't happen THREE times last week~~~with my van parked in the driveway and NOT in the garage!!!

It was NOT ME! that walked out Thursday morning to take Emma to school to find that the garage door had been left open all night {no names mentioned, but it wasn't me and it wasn't Emma!! And Steve was out of town!} It was NOT ME! that freaked out as I thought about what could have happen with three girls home alone and an invitation to come on in. It was NOT ME! that said a prayer of thanks that we were safe and all of Steve's tools were still there. {My keys were actually in the house and the van locked that night!!!}
It was NOT ME! that was so happy to be able to open the windows on Saturday. It was NOT ME! that enjoyed the breeze, the sunshine, the 76 degree weather. It is NOT where I live that will be back in the 40s by the end of the week:(

It is NOT ME! that cannot decide what type of tiebacks to use in the living room. It was NOT ME! that used bright pink ribbon with white daisies on it so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. {but boy I hope they could not see it on the outside.}

It was NOT ME! that was enjoying my moment of solitude~~my 30 minute shower~~ to have it interrupted by Emma asking if she have a hamburger bun with JUST KETCHUP on it. It was NOT ME! that told my daughter that a ketchup sandwich was disgusting. It was clearly NOT my 5 year old that rebuted with, "Why? hamburgers have buns and ketchup." It was NOT ME! that could not argue with that logic!! It was NOT ME! that tried to put the picture of her eating a ketchup sandwich out of my head as I finished my moment of solitude. {It makes me queasy just typing about it}.
What about you?

What didn't you do this week?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

i just want to brag on ya'...

So Steve when you read this, just grin and accept it.

He LOVES when I do this. {she says with sarcasm oozing}

I thought he should see something nice about himself when he checks in to see what I have rambled about for the day:)

I am lying here in the MIDDLE of my bed, cuz' there ain't no one here to share it with. As I was waiting for the first show of Army Wives~~season 2~~ to download from itunes (I am hooked), I began thinking about how fortunate I am to have Steve in my life~~~And I do not let him know how much I appreciate what he does enough so I thought posting it here would be a great idea:)

He is working TWO jobs, plus his National Guard weekend...
just so I can stay home with the girls and go back to college.

He went into work at Atria Friday morning, got home around 6:30pm, talked to the girls and I for a few minutes, and then went to sleep. He got up at 9:10 and left for his second job {10pm~6am}. This is tough enough when he gets to come home and sleep on Saturday. But this is his drill weekend, so he left his 2nd job at 6am and drove to Blue Ash for ANG at 7:00am. At 4:30pm he was released from duty and he drove home. He walked Emma down to a friend's house, told me about some famous person he had to get from the airport last night, and then went to sleep for about 3 hours. He is now back at his second job. He will work there until 6am and then head off to Blue Ash again for Guard duty until 4:30pm.

He will certainly crash when he gets home tomorrow

And he will get up Monday morning to head to work.

All so I can stay home!!!!!

You are a hardworking, loving, considerate man!!!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

I love ya'

prayer request...

Wouldn't it be nice if we NEVER had to request the prayers for a sick friend?

But I guess that would not be LIFE.

Last night I received a call from my dearest friend, Renea

(Coincidentally, we were both out just driving around to get a break!)

Renea's mother, Ruth, went in for a scan due to some pains she has been having.
A spot was found on her liver.

She goes in next week for an MRI~~to find out more.

Please keep Renea and her family in your prayers in this time of worry and uncertainty.

what is going on????

Update: Whew! They are back.

Can you see any of my post?

All I see are the two maps and the silhouette.

Where are my post????

Friday, March 06, 2009

friday frivolity...

I studied this morning and took my test on the heart and the circulatory system.

I missed 4 out of 60~~not too bad.

The diagnostic tests and specific diseases were my weak areas!

On to Hematology and Immunology~~Oh boy!!!!!
Today, before I began studying, I went onto Blackboard to check any announcements/updates from my Medical Terminology instructor. ALL communication is done in the Discussion Board; no emails or phone calls are accepted by the instructor. It has been like that from the beginning~~170 students post any and all concerns about the class on DB.

In order to take the Chapter test, you must take all three quizzes and turn in the Chapter Review. After the completion of these items, a password is given to access the Chapter test. Every week~~same process.

So, when I went to the DB and saw the following conversation I was dumbfounded....

One of the students had posted a question for Ms. S about finding out what questions he had missed on his test. Before Ms. Speller answered his question another student{Ms. M} responded to him with:

Ms. M____: Hey um i dont know you but can you do me a HUGE favor and tell me what the password was for chapter fives test . PLEASE

Please remember that EVERYONE sees these post~~~including Ms.S!!!!

Of course the next response was from Ms.S:

Miss M___, Please do not ask the other students for the password. You have not turned in your assignment again. Please schedule an appointment with me.

Ms. M____, in her brilliance, retorted with:

I know. I didn't turn it in because I was in the hospital from 3 until 8. So ya I was unable to send the assignment. It's completed though. But okkayy . I'll make an appointment.

Can someone truly be that stupid? To CHEAT~~~on Discussion Board~~~ and then rudely respond to the instructor that you could not turn in the review ( whose answer key is in the back of the book!) because you were in the hospital for 5 hours. We have known the assignments since the FIRST DAY OF CLASS!

Yeah, that's a future medical personnel!! Beware!
Since the radio has been on all day, I have heard the story about Rihanna reuniting with Chris Brown after he beat her, over and over and over.

And of course it is celebrity gossip, so who is to say what is true, but if we believe the media....

Rihanna will not be pressing charges against Chris.


She has gone back with him!!! {some say they are married and that she is pregnant. Another 'source' says they have an agreement in place that says he will have to pay her millions if he merely grabs her arm in any way and she feels threatened.}

I am sorry, but if you are in a relationship that has been described as 'one of escalating violence' and you were just beaten, WHY WHY WHY would you go back to the abuser?

Why would you go back to the man person that has such little remorse for what he did to you, that he was out partying, laughing it up for the cameras DAYS after he bloodied your face!

How could the thought to involve yourself in the life of the man person that has shown abusive behavior throughout the relationship~~and who was out drinking at a bar with his body guards until 3:45 in the morning after his court appearance~~partying it up while you are home waiting for wounds to heal.


I am sorry, but if she is truly that weak to go back to him, she should not be surprised when she is in the news again~~~for another beating, or maybe her death at his hands!!!
Wow, my Friday Frivolity is not very upbeat today!
Of the many things I miss about England, YORKIEs {sigh} are on the top of my list today!!! I ate a Hershey bar (ssssshhhh! I stood up while I ate it, so the calories don't count) and can I just say, YUCK!! American chocolate doesn't come close to the yumminess of European chocolate. I hate to say it, but Justine was right~~~American chocolate is manky!!!! If only I could get some mailed without them being a melted mess by the time they got here!!!!!
75 degrees tomorrow~ YOO HOO!

Windows opened!
House aired out!
The hint of Spring all around!
I guess I had better go write my paper on the EMAC.
I usually have everything done by now, but this has been a week of procrastination~~so I am paying the price today.

Next week, back on schedule.
Hope your Friday has been a good one.
Don't forget to Spring forward tomorrow night
I am mourning the loss of those 60 minutes of sleep. SIGH {Hey, I like my sleep}
But thinking about the light, bright evenings is bringing a smile to my face:) !!!!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

my regularly scheduled post has been preempted...

The heart...
begins beating 4 weeks after conception
is a large muscular organ
consists of 4 chambers and 4 valves
contracts at least once a second to pump blood throughout our bodies
pumps 50 MILLION gallons of blood in an average lifetime
is part of a system so intricate that the slightest variation can lead to death

Excerpt from textbook:
On a molecular level, an elegant and intricate system allows the heart to contract tirelessly, approximately 100,000 times each day. The electrical impulse from the SA node changes the permeability of the myocardial cell membrane.... Potassium ions leave the cell, but sodium ions in the extracellular fluid rush into the cell, followed more slowly by the calcium ions. This gives the intracellular fluid a positive charge, which triggers the release of calcium ions stored inside the cell. The calcium cause the myocardial cell to contract. As one myocardial cell depolarizes, it triggers the next myocardial cell to do the same. So that the contraction does not continue indefinitely , tiny molecular pumps move potassium and sodium back to where they were before. This restores the the normal electrical state , and the myocardial cell returns to resting state...The myocardial cell cannot respond to another electrical impulse from the SA node until the full cycle of depolarization and depolarization is complete..... The refractory period is very, very short, and technically the heart could contract again instantly , but this would not allow the enough time for the chambers of the heart to completely fill with blood and eventually the heart would tire. The optimum heart rate allows the heart chambers to completely fill with blood and allows the heart some time to rest between beats. This is the rate set by the SA node...
Whew, are you still with me?
As I was reading over this today, I was struck by the complexity of a process we never think about, but one that is vital for life. Minute actions~~electrical impulses, myocardial contractions, filling of blood and rest periods~~all working together to create ONE heartbeat. A series of actions that repeat over and over, 100,000 times a day, sustaining the entire body.
As I thought about the complexity of this system, as well as all the systems it sustains, I was amazed at the power of God; God who created our bodies to be maintained by systems that work together with such intricate details. Systems that can be devastatingly altered with the slightest deviation.
As I considered the complexity of each aspect of our body, I tried to understand how anyone could NOT believe in the presence of ONE who is greater than ourselves; of an omnipotent God. How some do not have the belief in a God that created us in HIS own image.
Evolutionist portray the creation of man as no more than accidental, random atomic collisions resulting in the formation of some simple form of life with the simple life evolving over the next 3 plus billion years into the plants, animals, and humans we see today.
Random explosions of atoms resulted in ONE LIFE FORM????
Why are there not random explosions of atoms now? Since there are still atoms, should there not still be random explosions? And, if there are atoms exploding, where is an example of the life form created by these explosions? Where is the proof of this?
This single life form than evolved into plants, animals, and humans????
Where are the new species of plants and animals evolving? Where is a new and improved version of man? Why have mothers not evolved to have multiple sets of arms to accomplish all they need to accomplish? Why have we not evolved into a species that does not have disease? Why did evolution stop with man as he is now?
How did ONE life form become an African Violet, a Newfoundland, AND a human? How did the ONE life form know that I needed a heart that beats 100,000 times a day to sustain life, but that a plant needed roots and chlorophyll to thrive? Where did the knowledge of the intricate workings of all living things come from in that ONE life form?
The premises that evolution is based on are riddled with inconsistencies and unproven ideas. It just does not make logical sense.
In the beginning GOD created the heavens and earth....and He saw that it was good.
And GOD said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven and God saw that it was good.

And GOD created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
And GOD made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
So GOD created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
And GOD saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good.
GOD created the heart to bring life sustaining blood to all parts of the body.
And He saw it was good.
The heart consists of a muscle (myocardium) that pumps blood, arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, and valves to ensure that the blood is pumped in the correct direction. At any point in the pumping process, or in any part of the heart, something can go awry. {chinese-school.netfirms.com/heart-disease-information} ....


An intricate system that could only have been designed by deity; by an all~powerful, all knowing God.

more procrastination....

I finished my 3 quizzes and review exercise for Medical Terminology~~after FINALLY settling down and getting busy with my work. The diseases and procedures of Cardiology are overwhelming, but I managed 2-100% and 1-90% (and of course the one I missed was a "DUH!" kind of question!!!)

I will study some more tonight and take the chapter test tomorrow!!

Emma survived her day.
I was not turned in for child abuse.

Mrs. A did ask her what happened. Emma said she told her, "I HAD to put my dance bag away and a shoe hit me in the nose!"
Lesson learned~~~Aim lower when tossing a dance bag with tap shoes in it!!!
This is Emma being sooo cooperative as I tried to take a picture of her nose.
I told her since she was being a booger, I was going to post this one.
I MUST follow through with the consequences I set for her actions:):)

And to my ANONYMOUS commenter--- AHEM, SHELLY!!!!!!!!:

I believe I witnessed you REFUSING to feed one of your girls last Saturday. R.E.F.U.S.E.D
And the other poor darling daughter was given DRY cereal~~~NO MILK even!!!

I may throw toss bags at to my children, but at least I feed them:):):):)
{In fact dinner just got here!~~what a cute delivery guy:)}

Hey, aren't you a social worker???? Who should I call to report YOU?:):):):)

***I am just kidding people--she does not abuse her girls
{too much anyways:)}

{It was their choice to not eat the yummy lasagne Shelly had made, but it isn't as compelling if I tell you that!!!!}

use your talents...

One of the sessions we went to at the getaway was 'Using your talents for God'. {I will be posting about that later.}

I have decided that my best talent is PROCRASTINATION!!

I am not sure how this particular talent can be used for God!!! Any ideas?

Well, I have wasted enough time~~~going to get a Dr. Pepper, reading blogs, eating breakfast, writing posts,......

I guess I had better get back to Cardiology so I can take the THREE quizzes and complete the chapter review before 6:00pm tonight.

It has been an entire week of procrastination!

do not call 241-KIDS....

scenario (hypothetical of course)

It is late one Wednesday night. You have just arrived home from Bible study; way past bedtime. You are trying to get everything put away, while getting the beast out of her kennel, and motivating your youngest child (who incidentally, DOES NOT like to be rushed) to hurry up and hang up her ballet bag (that is probably lying in the middle of the floor where she dropped it!). She is already down the hall, so you pick up the bag and toss it to her~~~realizing the error of your decision as soon as the bag leaves your hand.

SCENE: Bag flies through the air towards the 51/2 year old, she just stares at it, and then screams bloody murder as it hits her in the face.

SCENE: Mother getting aggravated because the drama was over the top~~~even for this particular DRAMA QUEEN.

CLOSE-UP: Mother feeling this big because she sees the chunk of skin that has been torn off of the nose of the 51/2 year old~~because there are TAP SHOES in that cute bag!!!!

Scene closes....

Next scene:
Thursday morning, in the van on the way to Kindergarten.

M: When Ms. A asks what happened to your nose, what are you going to say?

5 1/2yrold: That you threw a tap shoe at me.

M: Hmmm. Maybe we could say that alittle differently. You could say that I tossed you your ballet bag and it hit you in the nose. Do you think that might sound less abusive?
5 1/2 yrold: Oh, okay! (with a mischievous grin.)

So if this scenario actually had happened to me, I would be wondering if CPS was going to be knocking on my door later today!!!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

because sometimes words are not necessary....

and sometimes they are.....

wordful wednesday

This is a picture of Michaela on Christmas morning~~~she was 6 (2002).

I can't remember why she was being so silly~~~she was excited about her gifts I suppose!

As soon as I picked up the pictures from the photo lab (before my digital camera days) and saw this picture, I was reminded of a picture I took of my dad Christmas morning in Missouri. (I am not sure of the year~~89 or 90)

This is my dad~~(and I thought I could do this without the tears, but they are already here.) ~acting goofy for the camera!!

I love this picture because it shows his silly side~~the side that those that worshipped where he preached would have never guessed he had

In 1994, at the age of 50, he was told he had bronchitis and two weeks later died from cancer. It has been almost 15 years and my heart still hurts for the loss.

I remember sitting in his room after he came home from the hospital. I was holding his hand while he was in and out of sleep. He woke up to find my crying and said, "Tammy, this is what I have lived my life for." A few hours later he was gone. And my heart has not been the same since.

I would have loved for my girls to have known him, to have gotten to be 'Grandpa's girls'. He and Michaela would have best buds~~a lot of similarities. They would have had the best time making memories with together.

They have missed out on hearing him preach the word of God and seeing his Christian example.

But they have the stories I tell them to 'know' their Grandpa. And I LOVE telling them about him.

***please excuse the quality of the photos! they are pictures of pictures!