Monday, March 16, 2009

not me! monday...

It's that day of the week again!
Time to:
bear your souls...
tell the world the less than stellar moments of your week.
This weekly tell~all is courtesy of Mckmama
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It is NOT ME! that is having to sit very still while typing because our goat dog chewed the cord to the laptop. IT is NOT ME! that is afraid that if I move, the cord will short out again and I will be without a computer {because the battery is not holding a charge for more than 15 minutes}. I would NEVER use damaged electrical cords! That is dangerous! I would never had tried to fix the exposed, sparking wires with electrical tape. I certainly would have ordered a new cord as soon as I saw the first spark~~2 months ago.
It was NOT my youngest daughter who FINALLY let someone pull her loose tooth~~and by loose I mean flopping around when she talked, hanging on by a thread! It was NOT ME! that let Ms. Katrina pull it out tonight at the potluck because pulling teeth makes my queasy. It is NOT ME! that will be asking Ms. Katrina to pull out the other bottom tooth on Wednesday night. I am the Mommy, of course I can do all things pertaining to MOMMYHOOD!!! I would never pawn of the yucky parts to someone else!
IT is NOT ME! that has had over a month to prepare for the lose of this tooth. It is NOT ME! that did not order the charm for Emma's bracelet for the toothfairy to leave. It is NOT ME! that now has to figure out how to have the toothfairy make another visit and explain not leaving the charm when she picked up the tooth.
It is NOT ME! that regifted {took from Michaela's stack of old books} the Junie B Jones book, Toothless Wonder, for the toothfairy to leave under the pillow tonight. A regifted gift from the toothfairy, NEVER!
It is NOT ME! that just did almost all my NOT MEs! about a tooth!! I certainly have more of a life than that!!!
Can't wait to read your NOT MEs!