Friday, March 06, 2009

friday frivolity...

I studied this morning and took my test on the heart and the circulatory system.

I missed 4 out of 60~~not too bad.

The diagnostic tests and specific diseases were my weak areas!

On to Hematology and Immunology~~Oh boy!!!!!
Today, before I began studying, I went onto Blackboard to check any announcements/updates from my Medical Terminology instructor. ALL communication is done in the Discussion Board; no emails or phone calls are accepted by the instructor. It has been like that from the beginning~~170 students post any and all concerns about the class on DB.

In order to take the Chapter test, you must take all three quizzes and turn in the Chapter Review. After the completion of these items, a password is given to access the Chapter test. Every week~~same process.

So, when I went to the DB and saw the following conversation I was dumbfounded....

One of the students had posted a question for Ms. S about finding out what questions he had missed on his test. Before Ms. Speller answered his question another student{Ms. M} responded to him with:

Ms. M____: Hey um i dont know you but can you do me a HUGE favor and tell me what the password was for chapter fives test . PLEASE

Please remember that EVERYONE sees these post~~~including Ms.S!!!!

Of course the next response was from Ms.S:

Miss M___, Please do not ask the other students for the password. You have not turned in your assignment again. Please schedule an appointment with me.

Ms. M____, in her brilliance, retorted with:

I know. I didn't turn it in because I was in the hospital from 3 until 8. So ya I was unable to send the assignment. It's completed though. But okkayy . I'll make an appointment.

Can someone truly be that stupid? To CHEAT~~~on Discussion Board~~~ and then rudely respond to the instructor that you could not turn in the review ( whose answer key is in the back of the book!) because you were in the hospital for 5 hours. We have known the assignments since the FIRST DAY OF CLASS!

Yeah, that's a future medical personnel!! Beware!
Since the radio has been on all day, I have heard the story about Rihanna reuniting with Chris Brown after he beat her, over and over and over.

And of course it is celebrity gossip, so who is to say what is true, but if we believe the media....

Rihanna will not be pressing charges against Chris.


She has gone back with him!!! {some say they are married and that she is pregnant. Another 'source' says they have an agreement in place that says he will have to pay her millions if he merely grabs her arm in any way and she feels threatened.}

I am sorry, but if you are in a relationship that has been described as 'one of escalating violence' and you were just beaten, WHY WHY WHY would you go back to the abuser?

Why would you go back to the man person that has such little remorse for what he did to you, that he was out partying, laughing it up for the cameras DAYS after he bloodied your face!

How could the thought to involve yourself in the life of the man person that has shown abusive behavior throughout the relationship~~and who was out drinking at a bar with his body guards until 3:45 in the morning after his court appearance~~partying it up while you are home waiting for wounds to heal.


I am sorry, but if she is truly that weak to go back to him, she should not be surprised when she is in the news again~~~for another beating, or maybe her death at his hands!!!
Wow, my Friday Frivolity is not very upbeat today!
Of the many things I miss about England, YORKIEs {sigh} are on the top of my list today!!! I ate a Hershey bar (ssssshhhh! I stood up while I ate it, so the calories don't count) and can I just say, YUCK!! American chocolate doesn't come close to the yumminess of European chocolate. I hate to say it, but Justine was right~~~American chocolate is manky!!!! If only I could get some mailed without them being a melted mess by the time they got here!!!!!
75 degrees tomorrow~ YOO HOO!

Windows opened!
House aired out!
The hint of Spring all around!
I guess I had better go write my paper on the EMAC.
I usually have everything done by now, but this has been a week of procrastination~~so I am paying the price today.

Next week, back on schedule.
Hope your Friday has been a good one.
Don't forget to Spring forward tomorrow night
I am mourning the loss of those 60 minutes of sleep. SIGH {Hey, I like my sleep}
But thinking about the light, bright evenings is bringing a smile to my face:) !!!!!!