Thursday, March 05, 2009

more procrastination....

I finished my 3 quizzes and review exercise for Medical Terminology~~after FINALLY settling down and getting busy with my work. The diseases and procedures of Cardiology are overwhelming, but I managed 2-100% and 1-90% (and of course the one I missed was a "DUH!" kind of question!!!)

I will study some more tonight and take the chapter test tomorrow!!

Emma survived her day.
I was not turned in for child abuse.

Mrs. A did ask her what happened. Emma said she told her, "I HAD to put my dance bag away and a shoe hit me in the nose!"
Lesson learned~~~Aim lower when tossing a dance bag with tap shoes in it!!!
This is Emma being sooo cooperative as I tried to take a picture of her nose.
I told her since she was being a booger, I was going to post this one.
I MUST follow through with the consequences I set for her actions:):)

And to my ANONYMOUS commenter--- AHEM, SHELLY!!!!!!!!:

I believe I witnessed you REFUSING to feed one of your girls last Saturday. R.E.F.U.S.E.D
And the other poor darling daughter was given DRY cereal~~~NO MILK even!!!

I may throw toss bags at to my children, but at least I feed them:):):):)
{In fact dinner just got here!~~what a cute delivery guy:)}

Hey, aren't you a social worker???? Who should I call to report YOU?:):):):)

***I am just kidding people--she does not abuse her girls
{too much anyways:)}

{It was their choice to not eat the yummy lasagne Shelly had made, but it isn't as compelling if I tell you that!!!!}


  1. In my defense - I can't help it if one won't eat my lasagne because it doesn't look like Olive Garden's and the other didn't like my choices of PB or the lasagne AND she added "or nothing" so I said ok - or nothing - which she chose. I remember something about feeding your kids popcorn while you ate out?!? Food is something we're cutting back on anyways. There are choices to be made - shelter, warmth, food - somethings gotta give!

  2. yeah yeah:):)

    I was glad she chose nothing~~more yummy lasagne for us!!!

    love ya'' :):):)