Thursday, March 05, 2009

more procrastination....

I finished my 3 quizzes and review exercise for Medical Terminology~~after FINALLY settling down and getting busy with my work. The diseases and procedures of Cardiology are overwhelming, but I managed 2-100% and 1-90% (and of course the one I missed was a "DUH!" kind of question!!!)

I will study some more tonight and take the chapter test tomorrow!!

Emma survived her day.
I was not turned in for child abuse.

Mrs. A did ask her what happened. Emma said she told her, "I HAD to put my dance bag away and a shoe hit me in the nose!"
Lesson learned~~~Aim lower when tossing a dance bag with tap shoes in it!!!
This is Emma being sooo cooperative as I tried to take a picture of her nose.
I told her since she was being a booger, I was going to post this one.
I MUST follow through with the consequences I set for her actions:):)

And to my ANONYMOUS commenter--- AHEM, SHELLY!!!!!!!!:

I believe I witnessed you REFUSING to feed one of your girls last Saturday. R.E.F.U.S.E.D
And the other poor darling daughter was given DRY cereal~~~NO MILK even!!!

I may throw toss bags at to my children, but at least I feed them:):):):)
{In fact dinner just got here!~~what a cute delivery guy:)}

Hey, aren't you a social worker???? Who should I call to report YOU?:):):):)

***I am just kidding people--she does not abuse her girls
{too much anyways:)}

{It was their choice to not eat the yummy lasagne Shelly had made, but it isn't as compelling if I tell you that!!!!}