Wednesday, March 04, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

because sometimes words are not necessary....

and sometimes they are.....

wordful wednesday

This is a picture of Michaela on Christmas morning~~~she was 6 (2002).

I can't remember why she was being so silly~~~she was excited about her gifts I suppose!

As soon as I picked up the pictures from the photo lab (before my digital camera days) and saw this picture, I was reminded of a picture I took of my dad Christmas morning in Missouri. (I am not sure of the year~~89 or 90)

This is my dad~~(and I thought I could do this without the tears, but they are already here.) ~acting goofy for the camera!!

I love this picture because it shows his silly side~~the side that those that worshipped where he preached would have never guessed he had

In 1994, at the age of 50, he was told he had bronchitis and two weeks later died from cancer. It has been almost 15 years and my heart still hurts for the loss.

I remember sitting in his room after he came home from the hospital. I was holding his hand while he was in and out of sleep. He woke up to find my crying and said, "Tammy, this is what I have lived my life for." A few hours later he was gone. And my heart has not been the same since.

I would have loved for my girls to have known him, to have gotten to be 'Grandpa's girls'. He and Michaela would have best buds~~a lot of similarities. They would have had the best time making memories with together.

They have missed out on hearing him preach the word of God and seeing his Christian example.

But they have the stories I tell them to 'know' their Grandpa. And I LOVE telling them about him.

***please excuse the quality of the photos! they are pictures of pictures!