Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

I have no picture for my words today!
My heart is so full for a little baby boy I have never met, but for whom many have been praying for since before he was born. He is fighting for his life as I type this~~he just went into prolonged V-tach.
And I know that God's Will will be done, yet the pain I can only imagine that his parents are going through, lies heavy on my heart.
My heart is aching for my friend Shelly whose father is being moved to Hospice as I type this. That is a pain I know and I send up prayers of comfort for her and her entire family.
And there is uncertainty and worry for my dear friend Renea whose husband is going in for his thyroid biopsy later today . The peace that passeth ALL understanding is being prayed for.
No picture would suffice for the sadness I am feeling.
If you are so inclined, please pray.