Tuesday, March 31, 2009

be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life...

I received a call Saturday afternoon letting me know that my friend's father had passed away.

Tomorrow she and her family will bury him.

When she sat her 5 year old daughters down to tell them that their grandpa had died~~knowing that there innocent hearts could not comprehend the 'reality' of his death~~ one of them looked at her and said, "He is in a better place. He gets to live with God"

What a blessing to be pure of heart..

to be as innocent as a child...

to be able to see the blessing in the death of a faithful Christian.

As adults, we are overcome with sadness~~for ourselves.

We grieve OUR loss.

We fill in the emptiness left by the absence of our loved one with tears and sorrow.

But the reward for a faithful follower of God's word is glorious.

Psalm 116:15 shows us that death is PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD.
Death means that one of His children has come home.

Those that have died are REMOVED FROM EVIL AND ARE AT PEACE

Those we have lost are BEING CARRIED AWAY BY ANGELS TO BLISS {Luke 16:22}

The ones we grieve for are GOING AWAY TO PARADISE {Luke 23:43}

Those that are taken from us in death, "GAIN" SOMETHING FAR BETTER THAN LIVING {Philp.1:21}

Those we must say goodbye to have gone TO BE WITH CHRIST; ARE AT HOME WITH THE LORD

Those that have 'fought the good fight' here on earth have A BLESSED REST FROM THEIR LABORS in death. {Rev. 14:13}

While tears will flow and emptiness be felt by Mr. Hendrick's loved ones, comfort can be found in the words of his granddaughter,

"He gets to live with God!"