Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i need to change my frequency...

I think my family has my every move on radar...

They always seem to know the most inopportune time to need something,

or to want to talk!!

Steve's radar frequency seems to be set for the precise moment I am about to doze off when I am sneaking a nap in the afternoon~~when I have stayed up to late studying watching a movie.

He can have gone all day without a phone call~~hours and hours without calling,

BUT if I start to doze off, his radar must start bleeping and he calls to just say "Hi" or ask an 'important' question.
Michaela's frequency seems alert her whenever I am in the loo.

We can have been sitting in the same room for hours, reading or doing homework, and she can not say a word.

BUT... the moment I step into the bathroom and close the door, she needs help with a math problem or has a question to ask me!
Emma's radar seems to be set to alert her to my actions in MANY different situations.

Bathroom break, phone call, shower,... especially the shower!!!!

It never fails, I leave the room and her radar starts screaming at her and she suddenly needs me to button her, fix her hair, answer a question, any number of arbitrary things.
Even the dog seems to have acquired her own radar frequency for me.

She can be completely content outside in the sun or lying in the living room chewing on a rawhide..

UNTIL I sit down to do homework.

As soon as the books come out or the computer gets turned on, her radar lights up and she begins barking to come in or ringing the bell to go out!
Boy, I think, if I am going to get a second or two by myself, I am going to have to change my frequency~~~and NOT tell my family!!!!