Thursday, March 05, 2009

do not call 241-KIDS....

scenario (hypothetical of course)

It is late one Wednesday night. You have just arrived home from Bible study; way past bedtime. You are trying to get everything put away, while getting the beast out of her kennel, and motivating your youngest child (who incidentally, DOES NOT like to be rushed) to hurry up and hang up her ballet bag (that is probably lying in the middle of the floor where she dropped it!). She is already down the hall, so you pick up the bag and toss it to her~~~realizing the error of your decision as soon as the bag leaves your hand.

SCENE: Bag flies through the air towards the 51/2 year old, she just stares at it, and then screams bloody murder as it hits her in the face.

SCENE: Mother getting aggravated because the drama was over the top~~~even for this particular DRAMA QUEEN.

CLOSE-UP: Mother feeling this big because she sees the chunk of skin that has been torn off of the nose of the 51/2 year old~~because there are TAP SHOES in that cute bag!!!!

Scene closes....

Next scene:
Thursday morning, in the van on the way to Kindergarten.

M: When Ms. A asks what happened to your nose, what are you going to say?

5 1/2yrold: That you threw a tap shoe at me.

M: Hmmm. Maybe we could say that alittle differently. You could say that I tossed you your ballet bag and it hit you in the nose. Do you think that might sound less abusive?
5 1/2 yrold: Oh, okay! (with a mischievous grin.)

So if this scenario actually had happened to me, I would be wondering if CPS was going to be knocking on my door later today!!!!!