Friday, March 13, 2009

friday frivolity...

Happy Friday the 13th!
Well, the sun is shining again.... and it is warming up.

Spring is trying to make its way here!
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to help Michaela with her Math tests!!!
She does the homework and understands it.
And then she BOMBS the test

I am tired of the same conversation every time she brings a test home~~with less than a stellar grade.
If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!
Emma got a new bike this week.

"Can I ride my bike?" are the first words out of her mouth when she gets off the bus!

She is on it until it is time to come in.

She LOVES it.

She has NO desire for us to take the training wheels off though!!!
And yes, I know she should have a helmet~~~she has already reprimanded me for not buying one.
This is JACK! (Emma named him)
He helps her stay safe in our access road!!!
Yesterday was Grandparent's Day/Someone special day for the Kindergartners at school.

The three Kindergarten classes had a musical presentation for the 'special' people in their lives.
Steve took off work and met me up there~~~she was so excited!!!
It was a cute program~~~all about SHAPES!!
After the program we decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch as a celebration for Emma's great job.

I decided to take Michaela out of school to come with us. (it was her lunchtime at school and she has no core classes after lunch~~~in case I need to justify my decision:)

I walked into the office and said I needed to withdraw Michaela for the day.
The lady looked at me strangely and repeated my statement, "You are withdrawing her?"
Yes, she doesn't know I am getting her, so she didn't have a note."

All of of a sudden forms are being handed to me and the secretary leaves to get the guidance counselor??????

I thought this was a little overkill for picking up my daughter early, but ya' never know with bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo!!

As I looked at the top form to begin filling it out, I began to get even more confused:

Reason for withdrawing child? ______________________________

Will you be homeschooling? _________________
Um, WHAT!!! I guess we could call going to OG a field trip?? Or she could do some percentage lessons with the menu?????
And then I 'get it'!

Secretary returns.
"M'am, I am not taking my daughter out of school, just need to get her FOR THE DAY!" She will be back tomorrow!

Oh!! But you said you were withdrawing her."

Yes, for the day!!!

Oh, okay!!! I was wondering why she did not know you were withdrawing her.

Confusion cleared up. Michaela arrives. We leave for OG!!

NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT use the word 'withdraw' in the school office~~~it causes great confusion.
That is ONE BIG BOW!!!!