Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

because I am pretty sure THERE are no words for this picture!!
***No tears this week~~~I promise!
When went over to England in 2005, we thought it was going to be for only 6 months. With such a short time to see as much of England and Europe as we could, we traveled ALOT! Steve was working a rotating schedule~~work so many days, have so many days off. {I cannot remember the exact schedule now} While he worked, I planned trips. On his days off we were gone somewhere on an adventure. Needless to say, Michaela (8) and Emma (18 months), had to become fabulous travelers. And as much as we want our children to be awestruck by what they are seeing as they are stuck in a car hour after hour, scenery becomes redundant after awhile~~even if it is in Germany or Italy,.... Things to do to keep the mind occupied while we embarked on our many adventures was crucial for a pleasant experience. The car was packed with books, paper and pencils, and toys. Plenty of activities!! But really, who needs traditional activities? Clearly, NOT EMMA!!

Pringle can on her foot~~driving through The Netherlands
Diaper on her head ~~~driving along the coast to Plymouth
Oh good, some writing~~ Coming home from Lincoln
Head touches~~~somewhere in Europe

We were never sure what we would see when we looked in the back seat!!!