Monday, March 09, 2009

not me! monday...

Another Monday has rolled around.
Time to spill the beans about what you did NOT do this week.
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It was NOT ME! that upon arriving home from my Math class, went in to kiss Emma good night to see THIS!!!

It was NOT ME! that tried to put Hoof Hands on her nails to keep her from starting up again. It was NOT Emma that woke up and pleaded with me to not put it on her hands. She did NOT tell me she wouldn't do it anymore.


It was NOT ME! that, while adding Angelina Ballerina and Bob the Builder to Emma's Netflix Instant Queue, was recommended Rick and Steve as a show we might like based on our choice of B the B. I was NOT appalled when I read the synopsis: Meet Rick (voiced by Will Matthews) and Steve (Peter Paige), the happiest gay couple in the world....Featuring animation inspired by classic toys. It is NOT ME! that wonders how Netflix gets an interest in an animated show about homosexuals from interest in Bob the Builder, a children's show???

It was NOT ME! that searched HERE for my car keys.......

Only to find them HERE!!

NOPE Didn't happen THREE times last week~~~with my van parked in the driveway and NOT in the garage!!!

It was NOT ME! that walked out Thursday morning to take Emma to school to find that the garage door had been left open all night {no names mentioned, but it wasn't me and it wasn't Emma!! And Steve was out of town!} It was NOT ME! that freaked out as I thought about what could have happen with three girls home alone and an invitation to come on in. It was NOT ME! that said a prayer of thanks that we were safe and all of Steve's tools were still there. {My keys were actually in the house and the van locked that night!!!}
It was NOT ME! that was so happy to be able to open the windows on Saturday. It was NOT ME! that enjoyed the breeze, the sunshine, the 76 degree weather. It is NOT where I live that will be back in the 40s by the end of the week:(

It is NOT ME! that cannot decide what type of tiebacks to use in the living room. It was NOT ME! that used bright pink ribbon with white daisies on it so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. {but boy I hope they could not see it on the outside.}

It was NOT ME! that was enjoying my moment of solitude~~my 30 minute shower~~ to have it interrupted by Emma asking if she have a hamburger bun with JUST KETCHUP on it. It was NOT ME! that told my daughter that a ketchup sandwich was disgusting. It was clearly NOT my 5 year old that rebuted with, "Why? hamburgers have buns and ketchup." It was NOT ME! that could not argue with that logic!! It was NOT ME! that tried to put the picture of her eating a ketchup sandwich out of my head as I finished my moment of solitude. {It makes me queasy just typing about it}.
What about you?

What didn't you do this week?