Thursday, May 31, 2007

the martin girls meet aunt sally

No, it is not a long lost relative--Aunt Sally is a game "developed" in the Oxford area--only played in this area of the UK. There is a large group of military who have taken it back to the States and actually have a championship every year in various states. Steve has been playing for two seasons and loves it. The girls and I have not had the opportunity to watch him play because the games are at 8:30 pm and are at local pubs--which are not always child friendly. But last night we were fortunate??? enough to go---no school this week and a child-friendly pub. It was fun to watch. Now we know what he is talking about when we ask how his game went. Unfortunately, the last leg--known as the beer leg (because the losers have to buy the winning team a drink) has one extra member throwing the stick--I somehow got wrangled in to throw for the other team. I did not kill anyone, the stick made it to the target, and I did not score any points for the opposing team!!!
I am sure Aunt Sally will be making an appearance at our house!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a lovely rainy day--and thatching a roof

I am babysitting 4 children this week. FUN!!!! Yesterday we stayed on base at the Brown's house, but today we came over to Michael's house--it is in a great village and is a FABULOUS English house. While Steve is using the oil pit in the garage and the kids are in watching a movie--because of course as soon as I mentioned the great weather in a previous post, the rains came and have not stopped since Saturday evening--I am sitting in the study ordering clothes and shoes for Emma, uploading pics to Snapfish, and watching the house next door have it's roof re-thatched. It is a very interesting, time consuming process--and I am sure temperatures barely rising above 45* and continuous drizzle/downpour makes the job SOOOOO much better. We will be back here tomorrow, so I will show you the finished product. {As long as the roofer works faster than 'normal British' work time and takes minimal tea breaks:)}

Friday, May 25, 2007

emma's ramblings!

since kayla has written about most things i will just be brief in my updates. i a
m in ballet class again. actually two because mommy feels guilty about pulling me out of the saturday class since there are only 3 of us. so i get to go two days a week--which i am very excited about. i also ran this weekend. i ran 1/2 mile around the track. ms.pam ran around with we (since i was really supposed to be 5 to run--but because mommy was a volunteer for the races, mr. joe gave me a t-shirt and said i could run!!) ms. pam told mommy i did a fantastic job--i ran the whole way!!!! the biggest highlight of that saturday was my ride in 2 MINI COOPERS! i LOVE minis. ms. lisa and her husband own about 8 minis--mostly older ones they are taking back to the states with them. they have been promising me a ride because they see how excited i get when they drive by in one of their cars. on saturday, ms. lisa drove me in her yellow one and her little gray one. i was so happy--a grin from ear to ear mommy says!!! what could be better!!!
i still love school--want to go all day, but mommy says i am too tired after my afternoon class (she's right--i fall asleep by 7:00 every night--some nights earlier.)maybe next year i can do a few whole days.
i am loving the nice weather. i ride my bike, push my baby doll stroller, run around the balcony of the dorms..., anything to be out of the house. mommy says out entire 3 rooms that we are living in are as big as the family room in our house in 'tucky'. she says i am going to go crazy when i have room to move, toys to play with, and a large garden (i.e. yard) to go and play in. it sounds great to me--in 'tucky or here. i luckily go with the flow--give me music and a baby doll and i am set!
not too much more has happened here that i can think of. hope everyone is doing well. i will write again.

mac's insights

Hello, I hope everyone is well. The weather, after raining for 8 days straight--has once again turned warm and sunny. I am out riding my bike and playing outside as much as I can. I have been fairly busy. One of my friends from school, Thu--who is 'on the fence' about whether or not there is a God--drove up to Lakenheath Mother's Day weekend to come to church with us. We went to the Mayfair bazaar in the airplane hangar bays, ate at Taco Bell (our weekly American treat and Thu's first time having it!!!), and we stayed at a hotel on the base. Sunday morning we gave Mum her gifts--a plant and her eternity ring (her BLING as I call it) and then Thu and I had Cinnabon for breakfast--I LOVE THEM!! We went to church and ate at another restaurant on base and then drove the 2 hour drive home. Thu said the service was different than she imagined. She asked me some questions and said she may come back again.
I began a new ballet class on Thursday--the class follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and it is very formal. I am enjoying it. Mum and Dad like the teacher alot better than my last one. Monday we started our SATs (alot like American proficiency test). I was nervous and stressed myself about them, but luckily I was able to take the areas I am strong in at the beginning of the week and feel more confident and did not have to do Math--my worst subject--until Thursday and Friday. On Friday--after we took our last test--Mum brought my friends and I Subway sandwiches and Doritos (which my British friends LOVE) to celebrate completing the week. Saturday, I ran a 2 mile FUN RUN on base. I came in 2nd out of 6 in my age group. YEAH!!
This week has been fairly calm. Math week at school (or Mats as the Brits say it) and finalizing our jazz dance for the Brackley fayre on the 9th. Next week is half term--while all of you are cleaning out your lockers and desk, I am off for 5 days and then go back for Summer term--which ends July 20. I am enjoying my time here and am very torn about leaving in September. I want to go back to Kentucky, but I also want to stay here. Mum says we just have to wait and see what happens. PATIENCE!!! UGH!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, May 07, 2007

happy may day!!

Today is a Bank Holiday, so the British schools are closed. YEAH!!!! Michaela is at a barbeque with friends from school, Steve is doing Microsoft homework, and Emma and I are babysitting Megan (who also goes to a British school). The weather is cloudy and rainy--but since we have had NO rain in months and there is already talk about droughts over here, we are not complaining. It has been so beautiful here for weeks--sunny days and mid 70's. Truely lovely. Not too much going on with us. Michaela had strep, Emma had an ear infection that the Dr's could not see until the third appointment when the infection had gone into her throat and neck(Mommy LOVES military doctors!!!) We are all well again and just having fun in the sunshine. Just wanted to write a quick update while I had access to a computer. I will add more later this week.