Thursday, May 31, 2007

the martin girls meet aunt sally

No, it is not a long lost relative--Aunt Sally is a game "developed" in the Oxford area--only played in this area of the UK. There is a large group of military who have taken it back to the States and actually have a championship every year in various states. Steve has been playing for two seasons and loves it. The girls and I have not had the opportunity to watch him play because the games are at 8:30 pm and are at local pubs--which are not always child friendly. But last night we were fortunate??? enough to go---no school this week and a child-friendly pub. It was fun to watch. Now we know what he is talking about when we ask how his game went. Unfortunately, the last leg--known as the beer leg (because the losers have to buy the winning team a drink) has one extra member throwing the stick--I somehow got wrangled in to throw for the other team. I did not kill anyone, the stick made it to the target, and I did not score any points for the opposing team!!!
I am sure Aunt Sally will be making an appearance at our house!!