Friday, May 25, 2007

emma's ramblings!

since kayla has written about most things i will just be brief in my updates. i a
m in ballet class again. actually two because mommy feels guilty about pulling me out of the saturday class since there are only 3 of us. so i get to go two days a week--which i am very excited about. i also ran this weekend. i ran 1/2 mile around the track. ms.pam ran around with we (since i was really supposed to be 5 to run--but because mommy was a volunteer for the races, mr. joe gave me a t-shirt and said i could run!!) ms. pam told mommy i did a fantastic job--i ran the whole way!!!! the biggest highlight of that saturday was my ride in 2 MINI COOPERS! i LOVE minis. ms. lisa and her husband own about 8 minis--mostly older ones they are taking back to the states with them. they have been promising me a ride because they see how excited i get when they drive by in one of their cars. on saturday, ms. lisa drove me in her yellow one and her little gray one. i was so happy--a grin from ear to ear mommy says!!! what could be better!!!
i still love school--want to go all day, but mommy says i am too tired after my afternoon class (she's right--i fall asleep by 7:00 every night--some nights earlier.)maybe next year i can do a few whole days.
i am loving the nice weather. i ride my bike, push my baby doll stroller, run around the balcony of the dorms..., anything to be out of the house. mommy says out entire 3 rooms that we are living in are as big as the family room in our house in 'tucky'. she says i am going to go crazy when i have room to move, toys to play with, and a large garden (i.e. yard) to go and play in. it sounds great to me--in 'tucky or here. i luckily go with the flow--give me music and a baby doll and i am set!
not too much more has happened here that i can think of. hope everyone is doing well. i will write again.