Friday, May 25, 2007

mac's insights

Hello, I hope everyone is well. The weather, after raining for 8 days straight--has once again turned warm and sunny. I am out riding my bike and playing outside as much as I can. I have been fairly busy. One of my friends from school, Thu--who is 'on the fence' about whether or not there is a God--drove up to Lakenheath Mother's Day weekend to come to church with us. We went to the Mayfair bazaar in the airplane hangar bays, ate at Taco Bell (our weekly American treat and Thu's first time having it!!!), and we stayed at a hotel on the base. Sunday morning we gave Mum her gifts--a plant and her eternity ring (her BLING as I call it) and then Thu and I had Cinnabon for breakfast--I LOVE THEM!! We went to church and ate at another restaurant on base and then drove the 2 hour drive home. Thu said the service was different than she imagined. She asked me some questions and said she may come back again.
I began a new ballet class on Thursday--the class follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and it is very formal. I am enjoying it. Mum and Dad like the teacher alot better than my last one. Monday we started our SATs (alot like American proficiency test). I was nervous and stressed myself about them, but luckily I was able to take the areas I am strong in at the beginning of the week and feel more confident and did not have to do Math--my worst subject--until Thursday and Friday. On Friday--after we took our last test--Mum brought my friends and I Subway sandwiches and Doritos (which my British friends LOVE) to celebrate completing the week. Saturday, I ran a 2 mile FUN RUN on base. I came in 2nd out of 6 in my age group. YEAH!!
This week has been fairly calm. Math week at school (or Mats as the Brits say it) and finalizing our jazz dance for the Brackley fayre on the 9th. Next week is half term--while all of you are cleaning out your lockers and desk, I am off for 5 days and then go back for Summer term--which ends July 20. I am enjoying my time here and am very torn about leaving in September. I want to go back to Kentucky, but I also want to stay here. Mum says we just have to wait and see what happens. PATIENCE!!! UGH!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.