Monday, May 07, 2007

happy may day!!

Today is a Bank Holiday, so the British schools are closed. YEAH!!!! Michaela is at a barbeque with friends from school, Steve is doing Microsoft homework, and Emma and I are babysitting Megan (who also goes to a British school). The weather is cloudy and rainy--but since we have had NO rain in months and there is already talk about droughts over here, we are not complaining. It has been so beautiful here for weeks--sunny days and mid 70's. Truely lovely. Not too much going on with us. Michaela had strep, Emma had an ear infection that the Dr's could not see until the third appointment when the infection had gone into her throat and neck(Mommy LOVES military doctors!!!) We are all well again and just having fun in the sunshine. Just wanted to write a quick update while I had access to a computer. I will add more later this week.