Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a lovely rainy day--and thatching a roof

I am babysitting 4 children this week. FUN!!!! Yesterday we stayed on base at the Brown's house, but today we came over to Michael's house--it is in a great village and is a FABULOUS English house. While Steve is using the oil pit in the garage and the kids are in watching a movie--because of course as soon as I mentioned the great weather in a previous post, the rains came and have not stopped since Saturday evening--I am sitting in the study ordering clothes and shoes for Emma, uploading pics to Snapfish, and watching the house next door have it's roof re-thatched. It is a very interesting, time consuming process--and I am sure temperatures barely rising above 45* and continuous drizzle/downpour makes the job SOOOOO much better. We will be back here tomorrow, so I will show you the finished product. {As long as the roofer works faster than 'normal British' work time and takes minimal tea breaks:)}