Monday, November 22, 2010


I cannot believe I forgot to post about Emma's award from school! I always remember to write about the embarrassing things, and yet forgot to take the time to brag on my little girl when I had the chance! Bad, bad Mommy!

Each month at Locust Grove, children are honored during announcements and presented a certificate at an assembly for accomplishments in various categories. Two weeks ago Emma Shea was honored for her poem about moving. She was declared the 'winner' for the 2nd grade writing category. YAY EMMA!!!!

**Below is the poem she wrote completely by herself. Ms.
V told me that Emma would pull it out every day for several weeks and add to it; trying to incorporate the literary devices they had worked on in class. She began the assignment the week after we moved away from Northern Kentucky. For weeks, she begged and begged to move back to our old house. This poem reflects the heart break she was feeling being separated from 'what she knew' and the acceptance of her new situation.


Shattering in my tears

When we went to the new house.

The new house was cold and dark

Like the woods

Thinking on the floor
that we could never be sadder.

Why did we have to go

My backyard is big

I'm missing my old school

I'm missing my friends.

Liking my new house now

Liking my new school now
Liking my new backyard now

Liking my new room now.