Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last week we surprised Emma with a trampoline.

Late afternoon on Saturday, we hooked up the trailer and headed out to pick it up from Ms. Robin's yard.

A few hours later we arrived home (because we had to stop and eat at OG before picking it up). Although it was pitch black outside, the girls wanted to set it up. So we found the perfect spot and while the girls came in to bundle up (because it was almost 50 and 'freezing'), Steve began unloading the pieces.

Emma could not find the winter hat she was looking for, but she found her scarf so I wrapped her up in it. About the same time I offered her a chef's hat to wear (because it is a little too big and would cover her ears), she found a sun hat and put it on her head. Real purty!!!

When she saw the chef's hat, she looked at me appalled!
"MOM!!! I can't wear that. That would look silly!"
Oh, and this doesn't??!!
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