Tuesday, January 08, 2008

no snow!!!

As you can see, there are no snow pictures! It snowed for maybe 10 minutes and then rained for 2 days. Oh well, maybe we will get snow some time this winter.

I am sitting in a quiet house for the first time in three weeks!! I have been babysitting children for the three weeks of Christmas break (I had 8 kids yesterday--makes me glad I only had two children.

Michaela and Emma started back to school yesterday and the private school kids went back today! Today it is just Jaedon and I--he is 9 months old and sleeps for three hours in the morning!!! I feel lost without kids calling my name all day! ALMOST!!

As you can see from Michaela's countdown, we are coming back to Kentucky for a quick visit. We fly in on Friday, February 22 and will be flying back home on March 4. Michaela is compiling her list of activities. She is very excited that we land early enough to eat at Olive Garden. I just hope she can get everything in she wants to do!!!!

I had planned on leaving Emma here with Steve and having friends help with her while Steve works, but she wanted nothing to do with that--she wants to play with her toys in the states. Not to mention, Steve says I would never get on the plane without her--so she is getting another trip to Kentucky. Hopefully the weather isn't too 'wintery'

The girls are doing great. Not too much happening right now. Ballet classes start back this week so they will be busy learning their dances for the performance in April. They are just enjoying playing with each other and friends.

I will go through pictures and find some to upload soon.

Have a great week.