Sunday, January 20, 2008

will the parachute open???

Today at church services we told the members about our situation. One of the members, Susan, stated that our life with the Air Force has been like we have been trapped in a whirlwind. {There have been too many times of the Air Force causing upheaval in our lives--it would take pages to list} I thought about that for awhile and decided that our three years with the Air Force have been more like a jump from a plane. We have been falling with the Air Force as our parachute and many times it has not wanted to open due to AF regulations and government stupidity. Luckily, the chute has always opened at the last second--- just before we smack into the ground. Let's hope that this fall will have a smooth landing:):):):)
**** Please don't get me wrong. I am very thankful that we have had the three years that we have had. The Air Force has been a God-send for us since Steve lost his job. It has allowed us to have once in a life time adventures, to pay off bills and to save money. I am not being negative or ungrateful--just slightly stressed about have 9 more days to figure out the next stage of our lives--8 months earlier than originally planned. It also doesn't help to be told by the individual in Texas that of the over 500 National Guardsmen that this regulation affects, Steve is only one of two people whose finance departments have tried to enforce it! I am glad we can be here to fight the battle!!
I have given it to God--or at least I am trying to.