Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a trip to pooh country

On Saturday, we loaded up into the van and headed south toward London. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we had been trying to get to Ashdown Forest for weeks and something always came up--so we braved the weather anyways. The drive down was dry, so we held out hope that the weathermen were wrong! We arrived at Pooh Corner, bought a few souvenirs, and then headed to the forest. Our luck was holding out and we were feeling confident about staying dry. We hiked up and down hills, seeing the sites Pooh and his friends explored during their adventures. After about 45 minutes, we began the 2.5 mile hike over to Pooh Bridge to play Pooh Sticks--it is no wonder Pooh and his friends got lost in the 100 acre woods. That is alot of area to play in!!. The girls enjoyed collecting sticks and playing the same game we have read about in The Adventures of Pooh. We finished up at the bridge and began walking back up the hill--and the sky let loose! We were drenched!! We continued walking the 2.5 miles back and about 15 minutes before arriving at the car park the rain stopped!! We sludged through the mud and decided since we were already drenched we might as well continue to the other side of the forest to look for Eeyore (he was smart and was in his house staying dry).

We hiked some more, following the meandering (Michaela's word!!!) stream that A.A. Milne played in as a boy and then continued back to the car.

We had a great family day out.

Emma walked all but the last 30 minutes of the hike ( 4 hours of hiking is pretty good I think for her little legs!) and was asleep within minutes of getting into the car to head to the hotel at Lakenheath. You can see from the picture how she completed the hike--much to her Daddy's delight!!