Friday, February 01, 2008

un'avventura di famiglia in Venezia

We are off on a three trip to Venice, Italy to mourn--oh, I mean celebrate, my 39th birthday. We leave at 2:30am {Ugh!!!} to drive to the airport for a 6:25am departure. We will have three full days of exploring the fabulous city of Venice and experiencing Carnevale di Venezia. Look for loads of pictures next week!!!

**Here is my few sentences of justification--because I could name a few people who are reading this and shaking their heads like we are children needing to explain a poor decision:) Yes, we were just worried that we had no job and no income, but I planned and paid for this trip a month before the Air Force decided to add some drama to our lives--so the money was gone whether we had a job or not! We are just glad we are still here and can go on the trip!!!!!!!!!