Wednesday, October 06, 2010

not quite wordless wednesday...

Today was the day Emma had been dreading for weeks~~~the day she had to run ONE MILE for her fitness test at school. She has been running around the backyard to 'train' for it. She has been talking about it incessantly. She has been stressed about it because she 'isn't fast'.

Her Daddy and I have been reassuring her and reminding her that she ran over 2 miles in England with no problem. We were promptly told, "Yes, but t
hat was sooo long ago." But the completion of the run is a state requirement and there was no escaping it.

So this afternoon, Steve woke up after 4hours of sleep and we headed to the school to cheer her on.

At 12:50, she was on her mark...ready to go!

Going strong at the end of her first lap...only 5 more to go to cross the finish line a 'winner'.By the 3rd lap she was ready for some motivation to along came her hero to help her along the way.
and 11minutes and some odd seconds later...she crossed the finish line!!!!

Not too shabby!