Wednesday, September 05, 2007

first day of secondary school!!!!

Michaela is officially a "Year Sevener" {i.e 6th grader}. She was very nervous this morning about going to secondary school, but excited about seeing her friends again and getting back into the routine of school. She is attending Magdalen College (this is what they call the secondary schools here. 11 year olds through 16 attend secondary school and then British children are finished with school at the age of 16. They go onto take GCSEs and continue on to Uni at the age of 18--or they can be finished and go into the work force. The system is complex. This is a simplified version). Mornings are easy--Are you wearing the black pants, white shirt, tie, and jumper?" or "Are you wearing the black skirt, white shirt, tie, and jumper?" Stephen or I take her in and pick her up (She nor I were thrilled with the idea of her standing at the bus stop in the village and riding the bus with 16 year olds, etc.)

She had a fantastic day yesterday. She loves her music teacher and history teacher. We are just praying for a successful year in Math:) The school is separated into two sites and her Music class is in the other site, so the students walk 5 or so blocks through town to get to some of there classes throughout the day. She was very nervous about that (as was I since this is such a foreign concept to an American public school teacher--where the students could not even be in the hallway without a teacher), but she made it--to find her long haired, cute music teacher:):)
She was all smiles and full of stories about her day when I picked her up.

I think this will be a great year for her