Thursday, September 06, 2007

emma's first day of school

Have you ever tried getting a serious picture of a clown. These are my attempts yesterday before taking Emma to school. I never did get one serious one. She is a cheeky monkey.

Emma Shea had a great first day of school yesterday. All of her friends returned and the class is very small. Her class is all the children who missed the cut off for Reception (Our Kindergarten) Emma missed it by TWO days. The teachers feel she is ready, but there is no compromise on the cut-off date. You are either 4 by August 31 or you wait another year. Oh well. I am not ready to have her gone all day yet anyway!!

She had fun playing and meeting her new teacher. Her teacher from last year decided after 20 years of being a Nursery Nurse to go back to school and become a teacher for the upper grades. Emma had no transitional problems and was ready to go back today!

Ballet started back up also yesterday, so we went up the hill after school and went to ballet class for 40 minutes. Needless to say, by the time she got home she was zonked!!