Tuesday, July 06, 2010

have patience with me...

It is amazing how much more I can get accomplished when I have a lot to do? I have always been more productive when I am working/taking classes full-time. I know that I only have a set amount of time to finish a task, so I get it done. When I am 'not doing anything' or working just a few hours a week, I tend to put jobs off. I think, " I have plenty of time to do that later!" and later turns into tomorrow...or next week. Time seems endless and responsibilities suffer.

I have been working on a post (actually several because my thoughts went on...and on) but I have procrastinated. Because I am only tutoring 16 hours this week, I felt like I had plenty of time. But somehow time rushes by and the day disappears. And after the girls go to bed, I am left with one thought...bed.

So as my Tuesday comes to a close, my posts are once again not completed.

Which means if I want to finish my writings, I either need to get focused and disciplined about my responsibilities... or go back to school full time:)