Saturday, July 31, 2010


Michaela has a summer project to complete by this evening (her mean mom's deadline), so I am sitting at the library listening to the sounds of noisy children as I use the free wi~fi. After becoming frustrated with the internet connection continually cutting on and off and the laptop opening 50 new tabs and then shutting down, I decided to just shut off the internet. We went ahead and ordered our new cell phones with 502 area codes, so canceling our CB account just seemed like the sensible thing to do.

And in theory, it was a practical decision. In reality...not so much!!!!!

It is amazing how much I rely on the internet throughout the day. No googling of information, no checking of bank statements or bills, no movies at 2 in the morning, and no access to my blog:( I realize I have lived more of my life without the internet than I have with it; that I found phone numbers and information by using phone books and reference books for several decades, but the internet has made trips to the library for reference materials obsolete and has spoiled me with the convenience and ease of typing in a few words and having pages and pages of information to scan through.

Ahhh...the simple life! Boy do I miss the convenience!

So, until our house sells, I will be enjoying a nice ice cold Dr. Pepper every day as I sit at McDonalds... and take advantage of the free wi~fi they provide!

Cuz' the eye twitching and nervous tics from internet withdrawals are becoming unbearable:)