Friday, October 31, 2008

ghost and goblins, oh my...


May the ghoulies all be friendly!!

Tonight we loaded our cheerleader (and big sister) into the van and headed south to Mrs. Camillia's and Mr. Bill's house for Halloween fun!!

There was a bonfire for roasting hotdogs--and to sit around telling really scary stories; the scariest one being about the upcoming presidential election:( and of course, food galore. There was trick or treating (Mrs. C and Mr. B live out on several wooded acres so trick or treating stations were set up around the yard and in the woods.) After collecting all the goodies around the yard, we loaded up for a hay ride to do some more 't-n-ting' around the 2.5 mile loop of DARK country roads. (It was more members from the church that had set up along the road) I am sure, if any of the people were home in the few houses we passed, they were confused about the combination of Halloween ghost and goblins and the caroling of 'This Little Light of Mine." and 'Roll the Gospel Chariot Along' as the hay ride passed!
The kids had a great time and came home with some LOOT!!!!!
Now, what to do with all the candy!!! {There is a dentist in La Grange that is giving $5.00 to anyone who brings in his/her candy. Tempting. Very tempting:)}
***Emma went from wanting to be Marie Antoinette to a fairy to a cheerleader.
***Michaela was not allowed to go t~n~ting--we had decided last year was her last year to dress up. Somehow she still managed to bring home ALOT of candy????