Monday, October 27, 2008

you know you have eaten too much when...

Having lived in England for over three years, there were many conveniences we were use to in the States that we missed greatly during our time there. Restaurants being at the top of the list--right after Target. Needless to say, since we have been back, we have made up for lost 'dining' time. Olive Garden, Skyline, Don Pablos, among sooooo many others have seen our smiling faces--and widening bums:)--on many, many occasions.

As I cleaned up the containers from dinner tonight, (We worked outside until 8:00pm--much too late to cook. Really) I began thinking about how I have not cooked one meal, no not one, since Stephen came back into town. {If truth be told, probably since the girls and I came back!} That is B.A.D. Most children think it is a treat to go out to a restaurant. My children would LOVE to stay home and have a home cooked meal!

So, how do you know that you have eaten out for over 30 days?

1.If you were brave enough to add up all the restaurant charges on your bank statement, you would be fairly certain it would be AT LEAST one month's mortgage payment.

2. When you look in the mirror you see the beginnings of a layer of winter warmth--and you are NOT a polar bear.

3.You are fairly certain that if you had liposuction (which has crossed your mind, but you were crazy enough to watch the procedure done on a documentary and there is NO way you would go through that) dark, carbonated beverage would come out of your thighs and buttocks.

4. Your sweatpants have become your favorite clothes.

5. Your 'unmentionables' are beginning to fit like thongs!

So if you come looking for me and I don't answer I am probably:

1. At the grocery store shopping for nutritious food. Novel idea!

Downstairs on the treadmill. Yes, with it turned on. Did you know just having it in the house doesn't help take off pounds??? You have to get on it and run!!! Who knew?


Spending time with my friend, Kathy. UGH!!!! With friends like her, who needs enemies!!!



Dusting off the stove. Washing out the pots. Cooking!!!!

Okay, I have said it outloud (sort of). It is out there in blogger world. I am accountable!!!

Repeat after me...

You can do it! You can kick the restaurant habit. You are stronger than your desire to have someone else cook your food!!!

Do you think there is a 'I hate to cook so I eat out too much' Anonymous??