Tuesday, October 07, 2008


As I drove home from church services Sunday evening, I noticed a large sign on a warehouse off of 75. I am not sure if it is a new company or if it has always been there and I have just not noticed. Anyhoo, they are hiring for seasonal work. I told Steve about it. I figured it would at least bring in some income until he gets a 'real job'--so our savings does not have to be whittled away. He went in today for an interview and was told ...he was overqualified. WHAT?????? You have a responsible family man willing to work for you and because he has some schooling and work experience, he is overqualified. I don't get it.
Of course God knows how to get our attention and remind us who is in charge ( a frying pan across the head moment as my dear friend Holly says.) About 10 minutes into MY wallowing in self-pity and ranting about the stupidity of that line of thinking, our phone rings. On the other end is a representative from Orion International. This is a company (basically headhunters) that work with corporations across the US and with former military personnel to match jobs and place them. Steve has been in contact with them for a few weeks. They called to tell him they reall want him at the hiring conference so they are paying for him to go to the hiring convention in Chicago this weekend--travel expenses and room and board. So, as I have thanked God for opening a door for financial stability in our future and for the reminder that I do not have the control (as much as I would like to think I do), I ask for your prayers as Steve heads up to Chicago and for a company--or two or three:)--to want to hire him. ..but not in Indiana, Texas, Arizona, New England... I know, I know God knows what is best. I pray for the wisdom to see God's desire for us and not what I think is best.