Thursday, February 11, 2010


With a free spirit like Emma Shea life is never dull. We never know what off the wall activity she will come up with or what topic of conversation we will be engaged in. Her mind is working all of the time and she comes up with some of the most random statements--it almost makes me fear the thoughts she has that she doesn't share! She definitely brings spontaneity to our life!! The night of the last teen class was no exception.

After dropping Michaela off, Steve, Emma, and I headed over to Steve's 'Louisville home' for dinner. As we drove over a sweet little voice from the backseat asks,

"Mommy, how old do you have to be to kiss a boy?"

" 80." Steve immediately answers.

"*80!!!! that is too old. How old were you when you kissed Daddy?"

"I was 18."

"18!!! That is too long to."

"Emma, I kissed other boys before Daddy."

"Oh. And you just gave up on them?" ~~~~~~~
Ai yi yi... we are going to have to watch this girl!