Friday, May 16, 2008

if only I found it as exciting

This is fun Mommy!

This morning, since Nahla went back to sleep when she got here, Emma was still sleeping, and Steve and Michaela had left for work and school, I decided to do my workout DVD (instead of waiting until everyone went to bed). Of course, as soon as I got ready to begin, Emma woke up! I fixed her her breakfast and went back to begin my quality time with Ms. Smith while Emma ate. Emma finished and then came in to critique my efforts. She watched the last part of the workout and then joined me for the abdominal section. When it was over, she asked "What's next?" I informed her I was going to take a shower. I asked her if she wanting a DVD in until I was finished. (using DVDs as a babysitter, good parenting, I know!!!!) Emma said yes and requested the workout DVD?????!!!! I put Kathy back in and headed upstairs. As I looked down the stairs at her efforts, I could not help but smile and grab the camera!!!!

First the right!

Then the left!!!

I am not sure how long she 'worked-out'! She was in her room when I came out of the shower and asked if she could watch SENSE AND SENSIBLITY!

I sure wish I found my time with Ms. Smith as exciting!!!!!!