Wednesday, May 07, 2008

our final few months

As you can see from the newly added countdown, we are coming back to Kentucky.
Michaela has cried. I have cried. It is happening regardless of our desires. (We are ready to be done with the Air National Guard, but love England and would gladly stay for a few more years.
But one never knows what the future may hold!!!!!!!!

On a positive note, tickets went down!!!! They were $1367.00 each! I was not looking forward to spending $4000.00 on tickets, but I knew I had to purchase them soon. I checked last night and they were $614.00.!!!!! I went online this morning to buy them and they had gone down to $572.03 (taxes included)!!!!! We are flying into Indianapolis. CVG was still over 800.00. Stephen will be flying into Cincinnati the day before us and then driving down to pick us up (the military does not search for the cheapest flight--they just buy. our tax dollars at work) So, if we have to leave here at least I am only out $1700.00--thank you Mr. Bush for the stimulus check!!!!