Monday, May 26, 2008

a trip to torquay


We are in the process of obtaining quotes for shipping our antiques back to the States, so of course that more to make sure we get our monies worth!!!! I was lucky enough to purchase a church pew from the mid 1800's last week. Unfortunately, it was located on the southern coast---3 hours away (+ another hour added on because it was a bank holiday and every Brit was on the road with their caravans). We left at 11:30, after Michaela's dance exam practice, and drove down to Torquay (pronounced Tor-Key). We arrived at 3:30, ate lunch, and then the girls and I walked the boardwalk and watched a boat race while Steve went to pick up the pew. When Steve got back, we walked around the boardwalk and looked at the boats and then headed to the beach. Let me point out here--it has not been above 70 degrees in a few weeks and we are wearing our long sleeves and light jackets. This fact did not stop the girls from going in!!!!!! They played in the sea for about an hour. I put my feet in for about a half a second and Steve survived for a few more than me!!!! We then headed back to the car for the 300 mile trip to Lakenheath where we stayed at lodging so we would be closer to church on Sunday!