Sunday, June 08, 2008

emma's new joys

Today after lunch at Taco Bell (our treat after church each week!) we walked through the BX and Emma found a pink baseball mitt that she 'needed'. (She wants to play T-ball, but the base requires you to be 5 years old--silly rule). So Steve bought it. We also bought two kites because I have been promising Emma a kite flying day.
She and Steve had a good time throwing the ball back and forth to each other!
I found it hysterical that Emma kept coming in to wipe out the hand opening of her mitt because it was sweaty!! What a girly girl :)
After about an hour of tossing the ball, Emma came in and asked if we could fly the kite. We tried to explain that there had to be a good wind for the kite to fly... but she wasn't accepting that until she saw for herself. (Wouldn't you know the day we buy kites in England is a sunny, beautiful summer day with NO wind!)
We took the kite out to the field and what do you know--Mommy was right (the pic of Emma looking sad is when she realized I was right.) There has to be wind to fly a kite!!!!