Wednesday, June 18, 2008

let's go fly a kite....

Finally....a windy day. (We had the air conditioner in our van worked on yesterday, so of course it was grey, windy and cold today:)

Steve walked in from work and asked who wanted to go outside with him to fly a kite. (which is why he is in uniform still). Emma, who had been playing dress-up, jumped up and down and said, "I do! I do!" She ran to the garage to get her kite and headed to the field--with Steve and Michaela trailing behind.

Emma thought flying the kite was fun, but she was still in her dress up clothes so she was COLD!!! When it began sprinkling, she climbed into the van and sat until it cleared up.
The princess staying dry
Michaela enjoyed getting her box kite up..and even had both kites for awhile.
Of course Steve had to get in on the fun

The real fun was when the string flew out of Emma's hand and the kite flew away!!!! Steve ran for 1/2 mile before the kite finally came down---on the street next to our house. That is some kite!!!!!
Daddy saved the day--he brought the kite back AND a fleece to wear!!!!!!

***I actually flew the kite also. I was the only one to get it stuck in a tree!!!