Sunday, June 08, 2008

final farewell to london

St. Paul's Cathedral

Yesterday, despite the forecast for rain, we loaded in the car after Michaela's dance practice and headed to the tube station for our final trip to London. We had only two things on our agenda--St. Paul's Cathedral and Harrod's Department Store!
Our favorite seats on the Tube!!
St. Paul's was beautiful. We climbed the 500+ steps to the top of the dome and got a great view of London. (And you can tell school is out in the States because there were Americans everywhere!)
View of Shakespeare's Globe theatre across the river

After St. Paul's, we headed back to the tube station to visit Harrod's. We went two years ago on Boxing Day--and so had 3/4 of the UK--so we headed back to walk through with a few less people! We loved walking through the food shops--Emma was repulsed by the seafood shop that had SNAILS for sell. She sees those all over the place while we are outside, so she was appalled that people eat them!!!! Both girls LOVED the chocolate cafe and I was quite taken with the jewelry departments:)! We bought some chocolates and a Harrod's tote bag--last of the big spenders!!!! Michaela did see a large glass ball she wanted. I told her I had not brought enough pounds to pay for it, but to ask her daddy if he had a spare L20,000 ($40,000.00) he could spare!!!!!! HAHAHA

Emma reminding us it is important to stop and smell the roses And then of course we had to head to the original Hard Rock Cafe for one last time. We decided to walk the two miles to the restaurant. There are 124 HRCs around the globe--Steve has decided we should visit them all! (If he gets the State Department job, we can eat at a good bit of them!

Orange smiles after too much food at HRC St. Paul's has been crossed off the list of places we have to go to before we leave. Unfortunately, the list is longer than the time we have left allows--but we will make the most of every minute we have!!!!!

***No photography is allowed in the cathedral***