Monday, January 04, 2010

ah, monday...

Well today life went back to non-holiday normal...

Michaela went back to school skipped her first day back and went skiing at Paoli with a group of homeschoolers. She has been gone since last Sunday (not skiing!)and she just got home a few minutes ago. She is now in her room doing the homework she 'didn't have time to do' over the last 16 days.

Yes, major discussion in the works:(

Emma went back to school today. She was so excited to go she her friends and Mrs. Gire. For someone who used to complain every morning about having to go, she sure couldn't get out of the van at drop off quick enough:)

I also went back to classes today. I was somewhat less excited about seeing my instructor, but it does mean we are one more day closer to the end of this term:)

Steve went back to work after his 2 week holiday--nice to get 2 weeks off {paid} DURING your probationary period! He drove Michaela back home tonight. He is already in bed because the roads are bad so that means he has to leave at 4 AM to make sure he can get to Louisville by 6:30!

It is nice to be back to NORMAL!!!!