Friday, January 15, 2010

friday frivolity...

Sometimes my children give me the BEST fodder for my blog...

and then they beg and plead with me to NOT use it...

and I agree because I see the torment in their eyes...

but let me just tell you..

Tonight= great blog fodder:):)

I just wish I could tell you about it :(
Michaela's 3rd school term ended yesterday.

She blew her last Science project...

from a lack of prioritizing!

She was told that if her grade went below the A she has had all term, she would lose teen classes for the entire 4th term.

I hate to take Bible studies away, but she loves them so it has the most impact!

Today she has been convinced that the AWFUL grade she made on that Science project took her down to a B...

She has been upset about her choice all evening!

which she should be...gotta' learn to prioritize

I just checked the Grade Portal...

she still has an A!

In fact she scored 93 and above in all her classes!!!!

But I think I will let her fume about it until report cards come out:)

or until Breanna reads this and tells her:)
I have 2 more weeks in this term....

and I am sooooooo thankful it is almost over!

Next term I am only taking 2 classes...

one online and one on Thursdays for 4 hours.

Having to drive into Cincinnati once a week makes me happy!!!
Since I will only be in class one day a week I need to find a job.

Do you know how difficult it is to get a job when you have not worked in 6 years, need to work during school hours because your husband is out of town all week, and you cannot work Sundays.

Yeah, the offers are rolling in!

Maybe if the girls fire me as their mother I can collect unemployment!
So I guess I have avoided the home visit from the truancy officer.

When I called the school about the letter stating Emma was truant because we had exceeded the 5 days allotted for absences with parental notes, they told me to just bring in a form from the eye doctor and dentist and we would be okay.

I find it humorous that :

a). Michaela is allowed 10 days while Emma is allowed only 5.....
it seems that jr high students would be allowed fewer absences because they will miss more by being absent than elementary students!

b). it was the schools stressing the importance of keeping our children home if they were showing signs of sickness during the H1N1 epidemic...
yet no adjustment to the days has been made!

c). dropping Emma off 5 minutes late (which has occurred twice this year) is considered an absence...
I should have just kept her home those two days I guess!

Gotta' love those bureaucrats!
I guess I am going to run up to Skyline and get a Pepsi for myself...

because if I called Steve and asked him to bring me one, I would have to wait an hour for him to drive here from La Grange...

and I haven't had any caffeine today...

and the effects of that are beginning to manifest themselves...

So I will go myself!

Wow, the sacrifices I am making while we are living in two different cities!


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  2. First one deleted because of rubbish spelling and grammar..being that you are a teacher and all..

    You are amazing! Do I say that alot...
    Ok..but I have to say.

    If B doesn't tell M...I will (somehow from England).

    She may not of been prioritizing to her expectations...but she was still learning and studying some where! GREAT JOB M (and you better show her this). I'll check too..somehow..from England.

    2nd.. it's about time you got a job! just had to add that because didn't you work A LOT here? I remember you ALWAYS working..something falling. OK just once falling. But always working.

    3rd.. Big hugs. You and your hubby have been living a challenging life for a looong time. And I truly see the grace and faith in your walk.
    HUGS again,

  3. she loves teen class, because she loves learning more about God. Friends being there is just an added bonus.

  4. Im dreading trying to get a job. By the time Max goes to school I will have not worked for 10 years.