Monday, January 25, 2010

where have i been????

I would love to tell you that my absence from my blog since last Wednesday has been becasueI was on an exotic trip where I was so busy exploring and having a great time that I did not ever have a moment to write a post.

but that would be a lie!

But the truth is much less glamorous...

my absence has been because of FINAL'S WEEK:(

physics test today....

communication papers due tomorrow and final on Thursday...

A&P lab due Wednesday and final on Friday...

and Physics final on Monday the 1st.

No safari, no exotic retreat, not even a trip to Cleveland...

just F.I.N.A.L.S!!!

But I will do better Vanessa, I promise:)


  1. Good luck with all those finals!! My blog is lacking but I don't have a good excuse.

  2. I guess finals are a good excuse! Study hard and will look forward to reading when you're all done :-)