Tuesday, June 22, 2010

drama queenking

When I was pregnant I desperately wanted a girl. When people would ask what we were hoping for, I would give the expected "We don't care. We just want a healthy baby." response. But deep down I was terrified that I would have a boy. I had no idea what I would do with a son that liked bugs and trucks and sports. I did not know how I would relate to wrestling and fighting and 'boys being boys."

Don't get me wrong, I would have loved my sons if that is what I had been blessed with. Scared out of my mind, but filled with love.

Thankfully God blessed us with two girls.

Some friends said that their boys were so much easier to raise than their girls. And others said that the opposite was true. There was no consistency in the experiences. Yet in all the conversations with parents of daughters, there was one word that was used incessantly~~DRAMA! "Girls were always mixed up in some drama." "Girls were drama queens!" "Drama. Drama. Drama." And while I am raising Mac and Emma, I certainly agree. Drama is a part of our daily life~~~ Drama about friends. Drama about clothes. Drama about boys. Drama about their mere existence. It is never clear when the drama will unfold, but there is surety that it WILL reveal itself. And often!

Many Academy Awards and Oscars could be awarded for performances in the Martin Household!

And Emma may actually have won more in her short 6 years than her 13 year old sister!

While the word drama was always used when discussing girls, I have recently learned that teenage boys are just as moody, just as temperamental, and can create just as much drama as any girl. I learned first hand that drama IS NOT limited to the female gender!

And can I just say, macho egos along with pouting is so not attractive!!

So watch out girls, you are in danger of losing your DQ crowns to the up and coming Drama Kings!